Thursday, December 1, 2011

He is here- Mr Snowflake

I am sure many of you have heard about the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf. Last year it was too late for me to do it once I had read about it. This year I was all set. I am thankful that the kids got to watch the Christmas special about the whole elf thing last week. Before I knew the show would be on, I started telling Hailey and Hunter a little about the Elf on the Shelf. The first thing Hunter did was run and lock all of the doors. LOL He did not want an elf in our house. :-) Hailey on the other hand was really hoping for an elf.
 This morning our elf made his appearance. He brought a "North Pole" breakfast along with him, more on that in a sec. He also brought new placemats, plates, bowls and drinking glasses for the kids.
 They finally agreed on his name- Mr Snowflake! (We added Mr. because Hunter didn't think Snowflake was a good boys name. LOL)
I read the letter from Santa while the kids enjoyed their sugar filled breakfast. :-)

 Mr. Snowflake!! (I think he is adorable!! and not creepy like the Elf on the Shelf! Hunter said he was only a stuffed elf, until we read in Santa's letter that this was a "Magic elf.")

 Mr. Snowflake brought breakfast. (The "snowman" is made from mini Powdered donuts, chocolate sprinkles, candycorn and M&M buttons. Mini marshmallow "snowballs." And Chocolate milk.)
The kiddos check everything out!
 You know our junk food junkie was very happy with breakfast!! LOL

 Yea, we didn't have to tell her twice to eat her breakfast! 

 Hunter enjoyed his snowman too!!  I made sure the evidence was washed off of their faces before sending them off to school.

 Our letter from the Big guy!
I am anxious to see what Mr. Snowflake has up his sleeve for the kids! I am sure there will be lots of mischief. :-)
 I love this time of year with all of its traditions. We have traditions carried over from our own childhood as well as new traditions added to make Christmas a magical time for our children. We also focus on the real meaning of Christmas and rejoice that our Savior came to Earth to save fallen man. 
So, go ahead and start a new tradition... it is never too late!!
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Kristie Maynard said...

That is so darn cute. Love the letter and can't wait to see what mischief Mr. Snowflake gets into.