Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf on the Shelf-Day 19- Ker-plop

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Well, I am please to say that Mr. Snowflake has made a full recovery from his little cold!! he was up and at'em early this morning. I woke up this morning to discover that my pillow was missing, and not just mine, but everyone else too!
(I can not post the pictures until I apologize first for the picture quality. For some reason my favorite setting wanted to come out blurry this morning. So the photos are taken in a couple of different settings.)

 Mr. Snowflake took the sofa cushions, our pillows and the small pillows from the sofa to make Mt. Pillow.

LOL, looks like Mr. Snowflake did a face plant from the top of Mt. Pillows. :-)
The kids didn't mind that their pillows had been stolen while they slept, they were so happy we didn't have to make a doctor appointment for him. 
We did the 12 Days of Treats and Stories last night, (it feels good to be back on track again!!) our story was about the Shepherds. The I could not find the recommended treat local and shipping was more than the item, so I had to improvise. After looking high and low and racking my brain I came up with something the kids were very happy with. 

We used Cotton Candy and called it "Sheep's wool." LOL They LOVED it!!

Nothing like treats before bed!! :-)
I have been hearing from some of you, and I know that the Brown family will not be the only ones to miss Mr. Snowflake once he goes back to the North Pole!! I have also heard that some will be adopting an elf next year- I can hardly wait to hear about all of the mischief!! Oh, and just because you do not have little ones does not mean you can not still have fun with the elf, I have read where some couples try to "out do" each other every morning with elf mischief.
Thanks for stopping by!!
Until later~

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Kristie Maynard said...

Just caught up on the last few days of mischief and boy Mr. Snowflake has been having a lot of fun at your house.