Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 20- Reading Elf

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I am not sure which days the kids like more, the silly elf trick days or the days they wake up to little gifts from Mr. Snowflake. This morning was another gift day, Mr. Snowflake brought 2 new Christmas books to add to our collection- Elmo's Delicious Christmas and Thank you God for Christmas. We are looking forward to reading them tonight.
Not only did he bring new books, but he also rounded up their other Christmas book. It looked like the snowmen were enjoying the story.
(Again I am playing with different settings on my camera, sorry.)

 Hee Hee, good thing there is not a fire in the fireplace, those poor snowmen!! :-)

 Looks as if Mr. Snowflake has been reading all night.

 Happy listeners.

 Reading a new book.

 Mr. Snowflake moved that heavy rocking chair all by himself!! (I am sure he used a little magic. LOL)
You can see we like to read a wide variety of books.
Speaking of reading, we read the Christmas Orange last night for our 12 Days of Treats and Stories. I will admit that I am surprised by how excited the kids are for the story each evening. (I am sure the treat has something to do with that. LOL) They like trying to guess what the treat will be after we review the story.
Last night they were a little puzzled, the story was a bout an orange, but the package was small and square! :-) 
 Hunter with our Chocolate Orange. 

I had never had a Chocolate Orange before, so it was a treat for me too. Wow, who would have thought that orange and chocolate would taste so good together.
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Kristie Maynard said...

Very cute! That Mr. Snowflake sure is busy, running around buying gifts and all!
Can't believe you've never had orange chocolate. Those chocolate "oranges" have become a tradition in our stockings, love them!!!