Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 18- Aaaaachooooo!!

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I am afraid that being out in the cold all day Friday has caused Mr. Snowflake to catch a cold!! We found him this morning in Hailey's bed (yea, she slept with us last night) and he looks like he is not feeling good at all.
Oh my, poor little guy. Look at the tissues all over the place.
 LOL, He has a box of tissues, a sippy cup, his medicine and thermometer, even a cool cloth upon his fevered brow. He is cuddled under a warm blanket, just taking it easy today.

If you look close you will see he is wearing a pair of jammies that belong to one of Hailey's baby dolls. LOL
The kids ran in and checked on him when we got home from church. The are so sweet!
Wow it is hard to believe Mr. Snowflake will be leaving us in just under a week!! Boy, I am  going to miss that little guy!! :-)
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