Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wood and Wire Veggie Hod

Early this spring I jumped in and planted my garden- I have 6 raised 4'x4' beds. And then we had a big freeze and I thought my tomatoes had died. So I waited and replanted my plants, and was quite surprised when most of my tomato plants came back. And then the neighbor's cat and 3 big hail storms took a toll on my garden! This has been the worst year ever for growing fresh veggies for our family! I barely raised enough vegetables for one person, let alone enough for our family of 6!  But,  I have already taken steps to improve my harvest next year!
One of my homestead projects this year was to make a veggie hod to use when I harvested dirty things like potatoes, carrots and radishes. The openness allows you to give things a quick rinse with the garden hose before taking them in the house.

I had found the link to the DIY on Pinterest (HERE) and really wanted to make one. I ended up needing a lot of help from my sweet hubby to get it constructed, not because the design was difficult but because I lack power tool confidence! The hod is plenty big enough to hold lots of goodies and  is very sturdy. I could take my basket along to the farmer's market instead of using my fabric bag that leads to squished bread. LOL
So, bring on the garden fresh veggies next year, I am ready!!
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Ohio State Buckeye door hangers

We may live in North Dakota but our roots run deep in Ohio, especially for my husband! He was born and raised as a Buckeye, graduated from The Ohio State University and was on staff there for 15 years!! To say he gets excited watching Buckeye football would be a HUGE understatement!! And yes, I believe he bleeds scarlet and gray, and will until the day he dies!!
Living so far way from Ohio the only way to get Buckeye gear is to order online or make it myself, and that is just what I did for our new door hangers. I bought my wood blanks from my new favorite shop on eBay and got down to business. First up was the football.

 I was going to take a before picture, but jumped the gun and started painting and then remembered the picture! :-) By the time hubby got home from work I had the entire football painted reddish brown and had drawn circles all over it. After all the kiddos were tucked into bed I painted all of my circles gray- that is when hubby took one look, rolled his eyes and said, "You must have a plan." Yes, yes I did have a plan.... I wanted polka dots, and some vinyl lettering, a bow and a ribbon hanger- if it is going on the door it is going to be "cute!"

And now my "plan" is hanging on our front door, which left the back door naked!  And seriously, the Buckeyes' helmets have got to be one of the easiest helmets to paint, so that was my next project.

 Ooops, I didn't learn from my past mistake and didn't get a clean before picture!
I had hubby mark my the face guard and strips for me. I was surprised how quickly this one was to finish. The sooner it is finished, the sooner it is hanging one the door, the sooner I can move on to another project! Win, win, win!

After the paint was all dried I added the buckeye helmet stickers. No bow for this one, but a little chevron ribbon hanger finished it off nicely. Are you ready for some football?? Go Bucks!!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gone fishin' wood door hanger

Just when I think I will be posting here on a more regular schedule life throws a curve ball! Since my last post my husband's mother passed away and he went back to Ohio for a week, my vehicle blew up and I had to buy a new one, my computer crashed, we managed to get away for our first family camping trip, kids went back to school and all  those other busy life happenings.
I have found a few minutes to jump on this new kick of making aDOORaments for our home. So far they have all been super easy and very quick and inexpensive to make and a ton of fun!! Funny thing is I hung this one and we have not had  any time for fishing! haha Maybe soon! :-)

I order this wood blank from eBay-> Fishing Bobber. Because it is on my door and not out in the elements I just painted my bobber with cheap acrylic paints and then added some vinyl lettering cut with my Cameo. I added a wire hanger and a burlap and ribbon bow before hanging it on our door.
 I smile every time I pull into the driveway and see this cutie, I just can't help it!! I am anxious to paint the next one!

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