Friday, September 30, 2011

My new studio (picture heavy!!)

 I am so happy to finally say I am "settled." The house is unpacked and things are in their places. (I am sure I will tweak and adjust- I do need to find room for a bunch of kitchen stuff, for good reason. Hubby is going to install a dishwasher!! More time for other things, right?)
 Today I am going to share a tour of my new studio. (You can see my "Ohio Studio" HERE)
I got the studio done yesterday, except for hanging my ink holders and carrying a couple of things out to the garage.
This is my new crafty space.
I think this cabinet is going to be one of my most favorite pieces in the room. There is lots of storage (the little Cricut, Jukebox, Gypsy, photos, an odds and ends storage container and fabric are under there), and the counter top is the perfect surface to use for stamping. (Not to mention easy to clean. LOL) My stamps are stored in CD cases. I filled 3 of the CD storage thingies from the container store. When I looked last week to add more, I was very sad to see they are no longer available!! (Darn Ipods!!)
Ribbon spools fit nicely in the narrow shelves, and it is so handy to have my ribbon out and ready for use.
My 12 x12 cardstock is in trays hubby bought at the Local Scrapbook Store. 
The sterlite container to the left made a nice place for the Cricut Expression, now it is not on my counter, like it was before.
I wasn't sure if I would be using the Elfa system, I love the texture treatment on the walls, and didn't want to put the supports in the walls. Hubby got bust and hung it before I could protest. LOL (And I am so happy he hung it!! SSSHHH, don't tell him that he was right, I really do need it. LOL)
When we purchased the Elfa system I went with the wire shelves for 2 reasons- one, it allows more light for the space underneath. And the second thing is Clip It Up clips work perfectly to hung things, making the bottom of the shelves usable too. (I up-cycled the containers that my unmounted stamps come in for storage.)

See that huge white cabinet on the right? (I know how could you possibly miss it! LOL) That was a bargain from Lowes. (I got it for 1/3 of the price because it was the last one in stock and the box was opened.) I wanted to add another one just like it, so last weekend we took a little road trip. There are only 2 Lowes stores in North Dakota. :-) So we drove 2 hours to the one in Bismarck. They had the display model..... and that was it, no more in stock!! It took me 1.7 seconds to spy "plan B." I am sure that even if the cabinet had been there I would have opted the shelf instead. As you can see it is HUGE too, and each shelf will hold 350 pounds!! Whoa, that is a lot of paper!! (The second shelf is where I keep my Papertrey Ink cardstock.)
Just around the corner, on the linen closet is an over the door shoe holder. More odds and ends in there.
I love all of the light that these windows let in!!
I have had that table ever since I sold Amish made Oak furniture. It is a 54" square, hopefully I will have enough room to spread out. LOL
Another look at the table.
And last but not least- a little sneak peek!! :-)
So, when are you coming over so we can break this room in?? :-)
I need to run now, the studio is calling my name. LOL
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Until later~

Monday, September 12, 2011

Frist day of school

This is Hunter's first day of First Grade picture. He actually missed the first 2 days of school because we was driving to North Dakota. Hunter is loving his new school!! There are 21 First graders.... total!! (Last year there was 90 Kindergerteners in his school!) There are a few differences other than class size, he has physical education every day, there are no school fees, his supply list included just the basics (no copy paper, trash bags or other things the school needs to operate) lunch costs half as much and he has not had to sell one thing yet!! LOL
He has been taking several tests each week. (The night before his first test he was praying that he would be sick the next morning. LOL) He is doing very well, and the teacher said he has adjusted well. In ND they use block print and last year Hunter's school used the other print. (Oh, what is the name of the "loopy" print??)
 Another change to our school schedule this year is that Hailey now attends Preschool. (Her class is just across the hall from Hunter's class.)
This is sister's first day of school picture. She LOVES school!! She is in class with 10 other children- there are 9 girls and 2 boys in her class!! She goes 2 days a week for 3 hours each day. I am not sure what all they do, but whatever it is wears her out. LOL She wants to go to school everyday! :-)
 Once I get everything unpacked I am hoping to use my time while the kids are in school as my creative time! We will see how that goes. :-)
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