Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, and you are NOT going to believe this...

I started to not tell you what happened today, because you all are going to think something funny is going on here, but here goes. It was raining here this morning (like it has for the past week) and Hunter and I was watching the rain fall. He went on to play and I sat down on the sofa to play with Sister. I wasn't there very long when I heard a neighbor coming down our street. He has a two wheeled car hauler attached to the back of his truck and you can hear it bouncing on the street. Well, I heard the trailer and then a HUGE boom. I jumped up and looked out the front window, there was 3 guys at the corner of my house pulling that trailer out of my flower bed. The trailer and hitch came off the truck, crossed the neighbor's driveway, through our yard and came to a stop when it hit the cement block foundation of our front porch. No one was hurt, only one corner was broken off of a landscape brick and a dent in one block. Thank the Lord!!
Can you believe it? Two Mondays in a row two freaky things happen. The same Officer came out today. Before he left he told me he needed a vacation day next Monday. LOL I told him I was skipping Monday next week. LOL

Today's Blessings-
**God's protection**
** Mom's treatment went well today**
**The Sun did come out for awhile**

Until later~

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another "loser" LOL

Here is another submission for The Angel Company's Fall/Winter Inspiration Book and Catalogue. This is Twinkle Toes. This is an adorable stamp set, and the possibilities are endless!! I stamped the little girl 3 times and tried to make them all look different. (She looks really cute paper pieced too.)

I really like the Lyra Skin tone colored pencils, they are not only perfect for different skin tones, but work with animals too.
Paper- Genevieve and Blue/Green Bazzill Mono pack
Ink- Palette Noir
Misc-Scrappers floss, 3/4" circle punch, Prismacolor Pencils and OMS
We are headed off to DH's hometown after church tomorrow. His FFA advisor retired at the end of the school year, and tomorrow is his party. It is not often that an student develops a strong friendship with a teacher that last for over 30 years. I pray that our children are blessed with teachers like Mr. Snyder!!
Until later~

A card for mom

I am going to be cropping today. Woo Hoo!! I packed my bags last night. LOL I have decided to work on last year's vacation. (I just want to remind you to back up your pictures on your computer. My computer crashed last July and I lost everything on there. I had not saved our vacation pictures to disk, but I had sent some off to be developed. I am so thankful that for once I was on the ball getting them printed!)

I talked to mom several times this week. She is doing very well. Her next treatment will be on Monday. We are praying all goes well. Here is a card I made to remind her what cancer cannot do.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Do something good for someone today!

Until later~

Friday, June 27, 2008

A "loser" LOL

Here is another submission I sent to TAC for the new catty. This one did not make it. I really liked this one, maybe because I love the horse. LOL I also like the LO, it is based on a sketch used by TAC.

Stamps- G is for Gratitude, Happy Trails, Curls and Swirls

Ink- Palette Burnt Umber and Versamark

Paper- Rustic Chic , DCWV and TAC's brown

Misc ribbon

Confession time- Did you notice anything about the cards I made for my mom? Do you remember that beautiful ribbon I bought to use on her cards? Oooopps, I didn't use it. I will though, I promise!! :-)

Tomorrow I am cropping with The Columbus Scrappers (waving hi to CS) for the first time!!!! I am so excited!!! AND we will be at my favorite LSS- PizazzIt!!!! I am really hoping to have lots of stuff to share next week. *fingers crossed*

Until later~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sheet load of cards

What a night! Storms rolled through, sirens blared, we went to the basement, the rain came down in sheets, thunder and lightning were incredible and Hunter slept through it all! LOL

I made mom 10 Thank you cards for her to give to those giving her Chemo. I used two 12x12 pcs of card stock, a 8.5x11 pg of cs, two 12x12 DPs and a 8.5x11 DP. I added a couple of brads and flowers too. I got the cutting LO and card sketch from Sheet Load of Cards. <--click If you haven't checked them out yet what are you waiting for? They send out a e-zine each month with samples, a sketch and a "recipe". They make it easy to get a bunch of cards done in a little time. LOL Here is the card from June-

The DPs are from a book of Breast Cancer papers, cardstock is Bazzill as is the flowers (not sure who made the brads), the sentiment is from Trendy Greetings from TAC.
Today's blessings-
** Sunshine after the storm**
** The joyful sound of the little birdies singing**
Until later~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My first time being published!!

OK, I can share some news with you now. On Saturday one of the kind Angels at The Angel Company's Seminar posted a list of all the catalogue designers. I wasn't expecting to have any of my 4 cards picked, so I wasn't too disappointed that I didn't make it. You know, being the first time I submitted. So, the catty is delivered and I sit down and start looking through it. I get to page 71 and one card catches my attention. I thought, Wow, she used the same papers and stamps I did for that stamp set. I look closer and I start to think it is MY card. I ran to the big computer and check the scans of my submissions- sure enough it is my card. I have been published!!!! Woo Hoo!!

I called The Angel Company, and sure enough my name was accidentally left off the Designer list. I was told that they will get something up on The Company Updates soon.

How funny is that, I wanted to be published to have my name in print. Well, I am published and my name is not in print. LOL Isn't that just my luck? LOL
Here is Wild West with the Genevieve papers-

I feeel good......

Have you ever had a day that when you get up in the morning you just feel good? Today is one of those days! (Hmmmm, I wonder if getting to make some cards last night helped?)

For the past couple of weeks we have been working in my studio and I was able to create. Well, last night was "Momma's work night". I was able to get 12 cards done. I was running late with a birthday card, so I was glad to get it on it's way this morning. Oh, and after I had finished DH asked if there was anything I wanted to change in the studio, and I could not think of even one. :-)
Here is the birthday card. The DP and butterfly stamp are both retired from The Angel Company. I miss them both. The card opens from the top and the bottom edge was trimmed to allow the strip of yellow paper show. All card stock is Matchmakers.
I used Prismacolor pencils and blended with OMS.
Today's blessings-
** Things to work on today**
** Leftovers for dinner**
**Kids in a good mood today and playing well together**
Until later~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An extra special card and a close call

Sunday evening Hunter was playing around and decided he needed to make a card for Miss Sherry, his Sunday School teacher. I am thinking that the sticker of Jesus he used on the inside reminded him of Miss Sherry. LOL

I helped him with the ribbon and the stamping- he did the rest.

A close call- yesterday morning around 9:30 I was in the bedroom getting dressed when I heard a strange sound behind me. I checked on Hailey down the hallway to see if she was into something, she was fine. When I went back into the bedroom I noticed a hole in the wall by the window. I called DH and told him I thought someone just shot the house, he said call 911. SO I called and a little while later an officer shows up. He went in the bedroom and looked at the wall, he told me, "Usually when I get a call that some one's house was shot there isn't a hole. Your house was shot." So we start looking for the bullet and can't find it. After a lot of searching we find a dent in the door on the opposite wall. This door opens into the hall and is closed unless we are in the bedroom. DH comes home and we still search for the bullet, the officer checks behind our back fence behind the house for the casing. He talked to a couple of people from the Apartments behind our house. He told us if we found the bullet to call them back. Around 3:30 Hunter went into his bathroom at the opposite end of the hall. He called for me to come in, as I went to help I stepped on something. Sure enough it was the "bullet". I called the cops to come and pick it up. The officer gets her to pick it up and tells me that it is a pellet from a high powered Pellet gun. It went through our wall, hit the door, bounced into a mirror on another door in the hall and then all the way down the hallway.

The most amazing part was when it came through the Wall it missed my head by MAYBE 3 inches!! You tell me that the Lord wasn't watching over me. I told DH last night that I am going to write a book now, How I almost died putting on my Underwear. LOL Seriously, I don't think that whoever did it was trying to get me. I have a feeling it was someone that lives in the apartment directly behind our house/fence and I think "he" learned just how deadly a pellet gun can be. I do know that the officer told "him" that I was very close to being hit. I don't expect it to ever happen again.

It is hard to believe something so tiny could be deadly.

Today's blessings-

** God's protection**

**Safety of my children**

**Getting safely dressed this morning**

**Being able to tell the neighbor's about God's protection when they saw just how close it was to hitting me**

Until later~

Friday, June 20, 2008

My new Studio


I get discouraged when things don't go as planned. And TWICE in one day? Ugh!!! First TAC released the new catty Today not yesterday. That is really not a biggie, only we have looked forward to this day since December!! (LOL That is when we got our last catalogue. You know, always looking ahead. LOL)

Secondly, my room did not come together as planned yesterday. As I was painting the last 4 foot section of the "main" wall I noticed bubbles. It wasn't new paint bubbles. For some reason my paint was causing the paint 2 layers down to bubble. What the heck?!? DH went back there to check it out, and the PAINT came off in strips. It looks like someone has put a latex paint on there. UGH!! And wouldn't you know it, it is right by the light switch, where it is very noticeable. LOL The wall looks like part of it is stucco, I would have preferred the WHOLE wall to look that way. Oh well, I will do the best I can with it. LOL

I will leave you with this...........

Yep, that is the front cover of The Angel Company's Fall/ Winter 2008 Inspiration Book and Catalogue.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today is the BIG day!!

The Angel Company starts their demo seminar today in Kansas. So, that means by the end of the day today the Angels in attendance will have their hands on the brand new Fall/Winter Inspiration Book and Catalog!!!! I can Hardly wait to see what new things will be in there!

It looks like my studio will get it's last little bit of paint today!! Then I have a little arranging and straightening to do- then watch out. Momma has some cards to make!! LOL

Here is a sneak peek......
This is the ELFA system from The Container Store. I Love it. In this picture you can see a part of the shelf, the cd shelf (My stamps are stored in cd cases, so this is perfect for storing them. This is the whole reason I went with this system.) and one of the small baskets- that is perfect for ribbon.
Well, I am hoping to be back later to check in.
Until later~

Monday, June 16, 2008


The days have been hot and the nights warm. You know what that means- yep, the kiddos have the right idea. They finally got to play in their little pool yesterday. I believe I may have give birth to two fish. LOL It was so fun watching them play and splash. Hailey was so funny, after daddy had the water all warmed up she took off her clothes and diaper- right there in the side yard!! I told her the neighbors would see her business, but she didn't care. All she knew was she *needed* to get in that water!! LOL

We are still working on my studio, man what a project!! We are really excited to get it done. It is going to be heavenly to have everything in it's place. I know I will probably change a few things after it is done. LOL

DH had a wonderful Father's Day! He is very thankful to be a father. We have both lost our dads, so we don't have anyone else to celebrate with. If you still have your dad I hope you let him know how much you love and appreciate him.

Today's blessings-

**Our children, they were long awaited blessings**

**My son's imagination!! Last night he was a Wonder Pet. He even wanted to sleep in his cape. LOL**

**God's Guidance**

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's the weekend!!

Ok, we are still working on my studio. My wonderful DH hung the ELFA system yesterday. I LOVE that whole system! I want it in every room in my house, the basement and garage too. (I will be posting pictures soon, I hope.)

I got some ribbon in the mail yesterday that I had ordered on Tuesday. I HIGHLY recommend The Ribbon Retreat! (<--click on the name) If you use Stampin' Up!'s colors they have matches for that too! Anyhoo, I ordered 2 mixes just to try them out. I will be ordering more. Their mixes are 5 different ribbons 2 yards each.

<-- This is their Cherry mix.

Pink Jester Mix
I wanted a variety of pinks to make cards for those caring for mom while she gets her Chemo. These are so pretty!!
Today's blessings-
Until later~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am so excited!!

For Mother's Day DH and the kids "gave" me a studio make- over. Well, it is well under way now. DH (and the kids LOL) put together the cupboard to go in there. The funny thing is, it doesn't hold as much *stuff* as I thought it would. LOL I do need another shelf to go in it.

The painting will be done soon. (You can see we have "hired" a professional!) The color is "Toasted Almond" from Home Depot, but it looks more like DQ's chocolate soft serve. Yummy!! LOL (I am not a brown person, but I love it.)

So, until I get everything put back together I won't be able to scrapbook/paper craft/make cards. LOL
Today's blessing-
**Mom is doing very well after her first Chemo treatment, thank you for your prayers!!**
Until later~

Monday, June 9, 2008

I've been tagged

My Angel Sister Annie tagged me. I need to list 10 weird facts or habits. (Be sure to visit Annie and share some love.)

1. I have two middle names. When I married I just added my DH's last name on. the dwb in lisadwb are my initials.

2. I like orange juice on my vanilla ice cream.

3. I can not remember numbers (phone numbers, house numbers, bank balances) to save my life.

4. I have attended an Amish Wedding.

5. I was born in WV.

6. I met my DH online.

7. I love looking at old barns.

8. When driving by homes at night with the lights on I always look in the window.

9. I can not stand for anyone to look at the back of my neck.

10. I have never seen The Wizard of Oz.

So, now I am going to tag-

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another sneak peek......

Two weeks until we get the new The Angel Company Inspiration Book and Catalogue! I can hardly wait to see the new stuff. I have another sneak peek for you.......

build-a-flower • T-2954 $15.95 • set of 13

(There is a sample using Build-a-flower at The Angel Company website homepage.)

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Until later~

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everyday events

Everyday events. We all have events that pop up throughout the month. Some are planned well in advance (like a retirement) while others just kinda slip up on us (such as a little one that falls and breaks her elbow.) Well, TAC has the perfect stamp set for all those events,called Everyday events! This little guy is from that set. I will confess I had him all inked up even before the other stamps in the set were trimmed. LOL I just could not wait!! You can not tell from this picture but the fish bowl and balloon are covered with 3-D Crystal Lacquer. This was the very first time I had used that stuff- but will not be the last. The 3-D Crystal Lacquer is like a glue, yet it dries very shiny and clear and is raised. It left the little fishbowl looking just like glass.
The swirly is one from the hostess set so it was FREE!! Oh, and the coloring was done with the Prismacolor pencils and OMS.
(The "Happy Birthday" I left attached to this stamp, but if you like you could cut it off to use alone. Another option is to leave it with the image and not ink that part when you stamp.)
DH got home about 2:30 this morning. He was due to arrive from Baltimore, MD at 9:20 last night. It turns out they ended up getting those awful storms we had the night before. It is good to have him home!!
Today's Blessings-
**DH's safe trip and being back home**
**Hailey got her cast off**
**Hunter is talking a mile a minute**
**Sunshine after the storm**
One last thing- Please remember my mom in prayer, she will start chemo on Monday. She is still having a difficult time- she says her mind will not let her believe that what she is reading and hearing about Breast cancer applies to her.
Until later~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Quickie today

Today's post is going to be real quick. DH had to go to Maryland on Monday for work, boy will be be glad to see him later tonight when he gets home. Anyway, Hailey is napping and I really need to get a couple of things done. LOL
Here you go-

Here is a birthday card using The TAC stamp set Blossom Builders, a set that will retire after June the 20th. I really like to make my own patterned paper with all the different images in this set. (Farewell old friend. *sniff* LOL) I used a bunch of different Pallete inks to make this card real festive. (Paris Lights, Chartreuse, Cote d'Azure, Claret, Violete and Boudoir Blush are the inks.)

Hailey gets her cast off tomorrow- woo hoo!! (It has not slowed her down at all. AND she is still climbing. The only thing is she doesn't climb on the rocker/recliner she fell from when she broke her elbow.)

Until later~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mini Ornamentals

Big on Fun 2 (<--Click for details)

TAC has Limited Edition sets available until June 16. These are miniature versions of current stamp sets. These tiny stamp sets are so much fun to play with. And with a $30 merchandise purchase you can have them for only $2.95 each. So when is the last time you got a stamp set for less than 3 bucks?

I used the Mini ornamentals from the Big on Fun 2 promo to make this masculine card. You know I say it every time- I struggle with manly cards. LOL BUT, this one was very easy for me to do. AND I am pleased with the outcome. LOL The Mini ornamentals are perfect for masculine and vintage cards and scrapbook layouts.

Card stock- Natural white and Brown (TAC)

Ink- Palette Burnt Umber

Stamps- Big on Fun 2 Mini Ornamentals

My card is very simple- a little paper tearing and edge inking. Really very simple and not at all frufru- perfect for a man. LOL

Last week I added a little tracker to my side bar----> see the one with the lady bugs? I can not believe there has been people from all around the world check in. How cool is that?!? If you haven't taken a minute to watch it scroll through the list, please do so. I am so amazed! It really is a small world.

Today's blessing-

A good little mama that rocks her babies to sleep----

(See the top of her little cast? Even with a broken arm she takes good care of her little ones. And she is such a good rocker too that she puts herself to sleep too. LOL)

Until later~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A sneak peek

Would you like to see a sneak peek at what is to come in the new TAC Inspiration book and Catalogue? Well, here is a sample......

I can not wait to see more!!! Just think 3 weeks from tomorrow we can start ordering from the new catalogue!! (And just think I still don't have everything on my wish list from this one. LOL)

My mom starts Chemo on the 9th. Because of her kidney disease it took a little while to come up with a treatment for her. Please pray that she will not become discouraged, and the the chemo will reduce the cancer in size so they can remove it.

Hailey will get her cast off on Thursday. She has started using it as a weapon, so I am positive that Brother will be glad once it is gone. She has done so well, I know she is wanting back in the sand box and tub. And we have been waiting to get them a small pool so she can splash around too.

Today's Blessings-

** My DH, he is God's perfect gift!!**

**Outside time**

** An awesome Sunday School class**

Until later~