Thursday, June 5, 2008

Everyday events

Everyday events. We all have events that pop up throughout the month. Some are planned well in advance (like a retirement) while others just kinda slip up on us (such as a little one that falls and breaks her elbow.) Well, TAC has the perfect stamp set for all those events,called Everyday events! This little guy is from that set. I will confess I had him all inked up even before the other stamps in the set were trimmed. LOL I just could not wait!! You can not tell from this picture but the fish bowl and balloon are covered with 3-D Crystal Lacquer. This was the very first time I had used that stuff- but will not be the last. The 3-D Crystal Lacquer is like a glue, yet it dries very shiny and clear and is raised. It left the little fishbowl looking just like glass.
The swirly is one from the hostess set so it was FREE!! Oh, and the coloring was done with the Prismacolor pencils and OMS.
(The "Happy Birthday" I left attached to this stamp, but if you like you could cut it off to use alone. Another option is to leave it with the image and not ink that part when you stamp.)
DH got home about 2:30 this morning. He was due to arrive from Baltimore, MD at 9:20 last night. It turns out they ended up getting those awful storms we had the night before. It is good to have him home!!
Today's Blessings-
**DH's safe trip and being back home**
**Hailey got her cast off**
**Hunter is talking a mile a minute**
**Sunshine after the storm**
One last thing- Please remember my mom in prayer, she will start chemo on Monday. She is still having a difficult time- she says her mind will not let her believe that what she is reading and hearing about Breast cancer applies to her.
Until later~


Robyn said...

I love it!!! How cute and fun!!! I love your "blessings"!

Jessica Smith said...

Darling card. hope things go well for your mother.

Charlol said...

Love the fish and other everyday stamps. I wish I could buy these in England.

Emma said...

Oh Lisa...big,huge hugs to you and your Mum. I'll be thinking of you both,x

Diana said...

My prayers with you!! Love your card!


PaperBabe - Kim said...

Cute card and I'll be thinking of your blessings and a prayer that treatment will help your mum!