Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am so excited!!

For Mother's Day DH and the kids "gave" me a studio make- over. Well, it is well under way now. DH (and the kids LOL) put together the cupboard to go in there. The funny thing is, it doesn't hold as much *stuff* as I thought it would. LOL I do need another shelf to go in it.

The painting will be done soon. (You can see we have "hired" a professional!) The color is "Toasted Almond" from Home Depot, but it looks more like DQ's chocolate soft serve. Yummy!! LOL (I am not a brown person, but I love it.)

So, until I get everything put back together I won't be able to scrapbook/paper craft/make cards. LOL
Today's blessing-
**Mom is doing very well after her first Chemo treatment, thank you for your prayers!!**
Until later~


Jessica Smith said...

That picture is too cute, now I want DQ yum.

samgirl said...

oooh...what a great present!! Cute pic!
Glad to hear your Mum is doing well after her first treatment!!!

Joana said...

ooo so cute ,