Saturday, June 28, 2008

A card for mom

I am going to be cropping today. Woo Hoo!! I packed my bags last night. LOL I have decided to work on last year's vacation. (I just want to remind you to back up your pictures on your computer. My computer crashed last July and I lost everything on there. I had not saved our vacation pictures to disk, but I had sent some off to be developed. I am so thankful that for once I was on the ball getting them printed!)

I talked to mom several times this week. She is doing very well. Her next treatment will be on Monday. We are praying all goes well. Here is a card I made to remind her what cancer cannot do.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Do something good for someone today!

Until later~

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Emma said...

Have had a bit of a cry about this one. Would you mind if I copy the words Lisa? Would like to put them in my personal scrapbook.
Hope your mum is keeping strong. Big hugs to you both.x