Sunday, June 1, 2008

A sneak peek

Would you like to see a sneak peek at what is to come in the new TAC Inspiration book and Catalogue? Well, here is a sample......

I can not wait to see more!!! Just think 3 weeks from tomorrow we can start ordering from the new catalogue!! (And just think I still don't have everything on my wish list from this one. LOL)

My mom starts Chemo on the 9th. Because of her kidney disease it took a little while to come up with a treatment for her. Please pray that she will not become discouraged, and the the chemo will reduce the cancer in size so they can remove it.

Hailey will get her cast off on Thursday. She has started using it as a weapon, so I am positive that Brother will be glad once it is gone. She has done so well, I know she is wanting back in the sand box and tub. And we have been waiting to get them a small pool so she can splash around too.

Today's Blessings-

** My DH, he is God's perfect gift!!**

**Outside time**

** An awesome Sunday School class**

Until later~

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