Friday, February 25, 2011

Another crafty project

 I have mentioned before I love to create!! Paper, fabric, wood, plaster..... I love it all. For the past couple of years I have giving my acrylic paints and my sewing machine a vacation... well, it is time to get back to work guys. LOL Today I am sharing a quick little project I did yesterday while I was at the sewing machine. (By the way, Lucy is snoring away on her comfy bed!! )

 When I was little I was all about the baby dolls. Hailey has many dolls, but she doesn't play with them as much as her fashion dolls. So yesterday I made this cute little flannel baby bunting for my Hailey's baby. :-)  I have a couple of other crafty projects in mind in hopes to develop her love of babies. We shall see.

She is excited to go camping now so she can take her baby and baby's "sleeping bag." LOL Seriously, the longest part of the project was waiting for my glue gun to heat up to attach the bow, which by the way really does match the pink on the fabric, trust me.

LOL, and yes it is the perfect size for a Minion too!! (Can you guess which movie the kids have been hooked on lately? LOL) I am thinking I need to look for some more masculine fabric next time, I was told that Woody (from the Toy Story movies) gets cold and needs something to keep him warm. Hahaha! I am sure that will lead to Jessie needing on too..... and Buzz..... and.............
Take time today to be creative, I am sure you will have a ball!!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How about a little sewing?

Lucy (our 8 year old beagle) tore her ACL last fall chasing a bunny. t flares up on her from time to time, and now she is not able to get up on our sofa. (We just got a new one and it sits higher than the old one, which doesn't help her.) I whipped up this bed  in less than 20 minutes, (and because I made it, it coordinates with our room.) I used a yard of fleece and 2 standard bed pillows.  Lucy now has a warm, soft spot of her very own.... or until the cat decides he wants it. LOL
I like she likes it, what do you think?
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Monday, February 21, 2011

"Chopped" Challenge

So, I am a community leader on iVillage on the scrapbooking board. (You can check it out HERE) Our latest challenge we decided to follow the idea of Chopped on the Food Network. They only difference is we all "win." LOL Some of the ladies posted a "secret ingredient" that we each had to work with. So our basket had- doodling, sewing, patterned paper and a flower. We could use as little or as much of each ingredient as we wanted to.
 As each one posted her ingredient I had an idea coming together in my head. I finally had time yesterday to put pictures to paper and guess what, completely different than what I had been planning all week. LOL
I started off by gathering my photos. (This is a 50/50 thing for me, sometimes I start with photos and other times I start with a Layout and then find pictures that will work with what I have used.)
 The pictures I used are ones I had gotten when my Granny passed away a couple of years ago. There are very few childhood pictures of my sister and me, so I was thrilled to get these. Three pictures of just my dad and me.
This is my 12x12 layout. I love the brown and blue color combo with the old photos!
This shows some of my stitching- on the half circle element. I added half pearls to the "M"s. I like the way the title looks on the white space in my photos.

More stitching. I cut these elements from a piece of designer paper, they each had some faux stitching printed on them. I used my paper piercer to make holes to do some hand stitching. (It was hard sewing through 2 layers of Bazzill and 2 layers of printed cardstock!!)
 You can see some ot my doodling here too. I doodles the scallop and then cut it out.
 You can also see my flowers here to. I used the flowers in my paper instead of adding extra ones. (I wanted to keep the layout "simple" and gender neutral.) I added half pearls to draw attention to the flowers.
Here is a better shot of the photos. You can also see the large flower to the right of the top photo has 3 of the half pearls added to the center.) This is when I decided to add the pearls to the "m"s, it just looked out of balance with no pearls on the left side.
 The designer paper is from a paper pad from Walmart (a gift from Hunter) and was Christmas themed, and yet you can not tell that by looking at my Layout.
You can check out iVillage to see the other layouts.(On iVillage I am mommabear2babybear, be sure to say Howdy! =)
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Project

Crazy, crazy I tell you!! That has been our life lately. I can not believe it has been almost a month since my last post! Well, I do have something cute to share with you today.
 While blog hopping I found some new blogs that are truly inspiring, this is one of them -> Craft Goodies
Wendy is so creative and talented!! She also has an Etsy shop (found HERE)  When I saw her Sweet "heart" I knew I had to have it. (Sorry, I do not see it in her shop now.)  She used  MDF to cut each piece. (I think I have developed a love affair with that stuff!! It is so easy to work with!!) By the way, I highly recommend buying from her, I received my stuff in a timely manner (despite the ice storm and power outages!!)  I am really impressed with the quality and I am sure I will be a repeat customer!! {Hmmm.... what to buy next....} She also provides detailed instructions for her projects.
This is how it arrived-
I painted to the pieces "Buttermilk" before adding some designer papers and ink to the edges. The heart shaped "cookie" was painted brown before the edges were inked. I then applied the "frosting" and seed bead sprinkles. This is what I ended up with-

How darling is that?!!? I am happy with the way it turned out, and because I bought them already pre-cut I had a beautiful  home decor project done in almost no time (even counting drying time and cutting my papers. LOL) So, even if things have been crazy busy I still had time to make something fun. Next year I may add some buttons and ribbon.
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