Friday, January 24, 2014

Art Impressions Shepherd and Sheep

How about one last (for now) Christmas card? I used Art Impressions Shepard and Sheep for this quick and easy card.  How cute is that little guy and is wooly little companions?
 I used the same Copic marker colors one this one and the Nativity Scene card I posted a couple of days ago. I am thinking I will use both images for my 2014 Christmas cards. (AI also has 2 more stamps, the wisemen,  that I am going to be buying to round out the set.) I double mounted the image and added a hand drawn frame just like on the previous card. I did add a sentiment to this one- BUT next time I will be using the stamp-a-ma-jig to get a better placement!! LOL
Here are the links to the Wisemen stamps:
Two Wisemen and Wiseman and Camel.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simply Perfect In Every Way

It has been ages since I completed a scrapbook layout! My photo printer stopped printing everything except black and yellow months ago, but a recent call to the manufacturer and now I am back in business with a new upgraded model! (Why didn't I call sooner?) The new printer did not come a minute too soon either, I had just taken some pictures and needed wanted to get them scrapped right away!
Hailey joined Girl Scouts last Fall and she is loving it! As soon as she found out the GS would be having a Buddy and Me Ball she asked daddy if he would be her date. He was more than happy to accept.
After buying the perfect dress and shoes, practicing her dancing and warning daddy, "If you do any dance moves that embarrassed me I will pretend I don't know you!" our little girl was ready for her first dance.
It was -45* outside and the temperature was falling when it came time to head into town. Daddy took her for some fast food (so she wouldn't have to get out of the warm truck) and then they headed to the Girl Scouts building. After leaving her snow pants and clunky snow boots in the truck she was ready for some fun.
Each girl received a corsage and each couple had their picture taken, and then the dancing began! Hailey was so excited that most of the girls from her troop were there too,  she had a blast! (As a part of the physical education class at school the kids have learned a lot of different dances. Because she knew so many dances, my otherwise slightly reserved girl had no problems getting her groove on! Thank you, Mrs. J!!)

One of the members of my scrapbooking group on FB issuesd a layout challenge.
2 page layout-check
1 basic color-Beige
2 accent colors-Black and red
Min. 2 photos per page-Yep
I journaling block-Got it
Simple embellishment-Oh yeah!
So while the other ladies are trying to settle on a deadline I got my layout done. :-)

 I used an old My Mind's Eye Lost and Found collection. I really wanted the photos to be the focus of the layout so I kept things very simple.

 For the left page I used a die cut page, a 4x6  and a 5x7 photo, I added a strip of coordinating designer paper and a punched border. I added a little journalling, a few black rhinestones and the butterfly that was one of the coordinating pieces. They red glitter accents were already on the paper.

The right side is where I used my 8x10 photo collage. A matching strip of paper and rhinestones to tie the two pages together and then I added an embellishment cluster to finish this page. I popped dotted a die cut from the collection on top of some black tulle I ruffled and tied and 3 black feathers. 
A close up of the feathers, tulle and die cut.
It is hard to believe how grown up my little girl looks!! I don't need to tell you that she had a wonderful time, and will remember this night for years to come. Daddy took her for ice cream (her most favorite thing EVER!!) after the dance and by the time she got home she was totally worn out, but oh so happy. I must say, Hailey's first dance was "Simply Perfect In Every Way!"
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Impression- Nativity Scene

I Discovered Art Impressions last month. (Thank you very much Pinterest!!) I had looked over the web site and added a few stamps to my wish list, well when they had an end of the year sale I could not restrain myself! I ordered 5 new Christmas stamps!

 This is Nativity Scene, I thought the little people and animals were too cute to resist! Oh boy does this stamped image love Copic Markers. Even though I used a boat load of Copics, it only took a short time to color everything in. (LOL, after I had my card all done and uploaded the photos I noticed that the Baby Jesus looks as if he has Elvis hair!! Too funny to redo it, I think I like it that way. I will just be a little more careful about that next time.) This image is most definitely in the running for my Christmas card 2014!
 I wanted the image to really stand out so I kept the design very simple. I double matted the image panel and then used a very fine-tipped marker to free hand a basic frame.
 I have one more Christmas card I will be sharing next time, and then hopefully I will have some Valentine's cards show you.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

CTMH Christmas Village card

This is my second card using the Close To My Heart Christmas Village stamp set. I used a couple of different buildings and the snowman, but I ended up using the cozy little house again. Their are several little buildings in this set, perfect for using individually or grouped together to make your own scenes. I immediately fell in love with these darling little buildings, they remind me so much of our trips to Metamora, IN. The streets of Metamora are lined with gaily painted homes and shops, this card is how I image the town looks at Christmas time.

The Sweet Shop gets my mouth watering just thinking about what what goodies are inside!:-)
I love the layout, it could be tweaked to create several different looks. Buttons, ribbon, bows, oh my!
I used Copic makers again, I just can't help myself. LOL  A couple of
thin strips of red cardstock make the image pop against the neutral background.
Tip: Place all of your stamps on a large stamp block or stamp press, this makes it easy to have perfectly aligned images for mass producing cards.
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas cards- 2014

YES! I have been working on Christmas cards to send out this year- 2014! I know, I have 11 months to worry about that, right? Well, yes. But, I did not like the cards I made for 2013 and I wanted to kind of prove to myself I could make a "cute" card.
For the first time ever I will not be sharing my 2013 card on my blog, it was that bad! LOL So, get prepared to see lots of Christmas cards throughout the year.
The first up is a CTMH stamp set- Christmas Village:

I love all of the buildings in this set, they are cute and it is fun to color them. The designer paper and cardstock are from my stash. Tip- The circle of designer paper under my button was punched from the strip, I then covered the strip with my image and you would never know I had punched a hole in it. I colored the image with Copic markers and then added a little Stickles to the snow on each building.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review- Restless by Jennie Allen DVD study

I started the New Year with a new DVD Bible study; I received Jennie Allen’s Restless from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
 Unlike the previous Allen study I had review from the same publisher this one did not come with the leader material. Before I started watching the series of 8 videos I wondered how it would be possible to use the video on its own. Once I started watching it became very obvious that the DVD could be used independently. 
 Restless is divided into 8 video sessions lasting about 20 minutes each. I really like that each session starts with a question and various ladies one by one shares her personal thoughts. Jennie then gets right into sharing her heart with a small gathering of ladies, in an intimate setting. She encourages them and the viewer to not get lost I the mundane of everyday life, but to strive for more, to seek and strive for what God has in store for us.
 Jennie uses scripture and true-life stories to inspire us to not settle for less than God’s plan for our lives.
 I find Allen to be very personable and completely likeable. She is transparent, admitting her failures and not afraid to let us see her tender heart.
 I will be watching the DVD videos again (and again, and again…) and will definitely purchase the study guide.  

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Elf on the Shelf- Days 20-24 2013

Here it is the middle of January and I am just now post about the last few days we had with Snowflake and Holly before they returned to the North Pole with Santa.
Day 20 was the day those silly elves left me laughing out loud! After the kids did their quick search of the house, Snowflake and Holly were found in the bathroom-AGAIN!! trying to be helpful-AGAIN!! LOL
 It appears that, apparently Tigress (Hunter's jaguar) had to go potty. LOL I still laugh when I see this picture! Hailey said right away that those were only Tootsie Rolls, but she refused to prove it to me by picking one up! :-)

Day 21-Looks like someone got a little hungry. A coconut? Just so you know, that thing is still sitting on my kitchen counter!!
Day 22- Looks like a photo shoot! What a lovely model Holly makes. And she has been joined by a couple of friends.

Humm, now I know why the batteries are dead in that camera!!

Day 23- This was the day day the elves left a few good reminders for Hailey and Hunter.

The kids' response- We always say our prayers and brush our teeth!! LOL Maybe the "Clean your room" reminder was the one they really needed.
Day 24-The last morning before the elves returned to the North Pole with Santa. I bet they were so glad to see the Jolly Elf on Christmas Eve- he was there to take them out of this frozen tundra! I bet the North Pole was warmer. LOL
Seems, Holly and Snowflake are quite efficient with the duck calls!

And just like the past two years, Santa left a note. He thanked our family for taking good care of his favorite elves. And he apologized for their funny pranks. He also reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. And lastly, he gave permission for the kids to touch the elves.
I hope you have enjoy Snowflake and Holly as much as we have. We are still talking about them and wondering if they will return this Christmas.
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