Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Impression- Nativity Scene

I Discovered Art Impressions last month. (Thank you very much Pinterest!!) I had looked over the web site and added a few stamps to my wish list, well when they had an end of the year sale I could not restrain myself! I ordered 5 new Christmas stamps!

 This is Nativity Scene, I thought the little people and animals were too cute to resist! Oh boy does this stamped image love Copic Markers. Even though I used a boat load of Copics, it only took a short time to color everything in. (LOL, after I had my card all done and uploaded the photos I noticed that the Baby Jesus looks as if he has Elvis hair!! Too funny to redo it, I think I like it that way. I will just be a little more careful about that next time.) This image is most definitely in the running for my Christmas card 2014!
 I wanted the image to really stand out so I kept the design very simple. I double matted the image panel and then used a very fine-tipped marker to free hand a basic frame.
 I have one more Christmas card I will be sharing next time, and then hopefully I will have some Valentine's cards show you.
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