Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Christmas cards

Here are the cards I made for Christmas this year. (This year instead of making all of our cards I just stuck with a more manageable number and only made 30.) I used the Taylored Expressions Joy to the World stamp set. And since I had to order the stamps I went ahead and got the Christmas card kit from there too. (I would highly recommend the card kits. I did add some kraft cardstock card bases to help stretch the kit items. I was able to make all 30 cards and I still have plenty of the 6x6 papers and some cardstock left over for other projects.) I like the kit because everything is coordinating and takes the guess work out of matching. I used Copics to color my angels. (The most time consuming part of the process.)

I used the Spellbinders Labels 10 to cut some of my images other were cut with the Ovals dies. I rounded the top 2 corners on the card base and on my layers, and then added a knot from some of the ribbon included in the kit.

 Some of the the cards. I like that they are all unique, but still similar. (This helps make assembly line card making less boring. LOL)

This one was cut with Labels 8 (?) The sentiments were stamped with Ranger Distress ink in Barn Door.
I am very happy with the way they all turned out. 
I am looking forward to being a little more crafty now that Christmas is over.(Crazy as it may sound, I am still in the crafty Christmas mood, so don't be surprised if Christmas crafts pop up again in the near future. LOL)
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Good Bye Elf on the Shelf 2011

The time has come for Mr. Snowflake to return to the North Pole (after his vacation.) I am not sure who was sadder to say good bye, the kids or me.
As per Santa's letter, the kids each hugged our little friend before he left....
 I love this one!! (Knowing how much the kids loved the elf antics, this photo touches my heart.)

 Hailey loving Mr. Snowflake.

 Hunter's turn.
After all of the presents were unwrapped Hunter found these-
Along with the candy canes filled with kisses, he found a letter- hand written by Mr. Snowflake
Hunter and Hailey, 
 I will miss you very much. I have had a lot of fun at your house.
Hailey- your hair looks beautiful. Listen to mommy and daddy.
Hunter- you are doing a good job in school. Be nice to your sister.
Have a good summer!!
See you next December! :-)
Mr. Snowflake
PS.- I will be checking in from time to time.
And I left you some ELF KISSES.
I am already thinking ahead to next year, I am sure there will be some new tricks.
I hope you have enjoyed Christmas and made lots of memories throughout the season!!
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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!
Sending love from our home to yours!!
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 24- Fishing (The Last Day)

This will be the last morning that Hunter and Hailey will wake up and begin the search for Mr. Snowflake. I will admit that I will definitely miss the little guy!! And all of his silliness!!
It was odd that Hailey was the first one awake this morning, usually Hunter is the one that finds him, she found Mr. Snowflake in her bedroom.
 Mr. Snowflake was fishing this morning. 

 Mr. Snowflake brought the kids Gold fish crackers. :-)

LOL, he made a fishing pole using a candy cane. LOL
We also found a letter from the big guy-

Dear Hunter and Hailey,
 Thank you so much for allowing my little elf to spend time with your family this Christmas season. Mr. Snowflake has told me what a good boy and girl you have been.  He has also given me several ideas of what I can leave under your tree to make Christmas extra special for you.
 Mr. Snowflake has done some funny things while he has been at your house, and I hope you will always remember them. (My favorite was hanging your underwear on your Christmas tree! HO HO HO!!) He wanted you to see that you are never too old to have fun!! By the way, did you know your little elf is 536 years old? He didn’t have any brothers or sisters, so he wants me to remind you to always show love to each other and to be kind to everyone.
Today is the last morning you will wake up and find Mr. Snowflake in your house. I know he is going to miss you very much!! Don’t be sad, he has work to do at the North Pole. After a little vacation (he needs some rest from all the tricks he played on your family) he will start working on toys for Christmas next year.
Since I will be bringing Mr. Snowflake back to the North on Christmas Eve I will allow you each to hug Mr. Snowflake good bye and tell him how much fun you had with him.
Lastly, I want you to be good throughout the next year and I will sent Mr. Snowflake back again the beginning of December 2012.
Take care and God bless you,
 I think the letter is a good way of bringing the Elf on the Shelf to an end.... for this year. I am sure though that throughout the year we will find evidence that he has been around. ;-)
Thank you so much for following the adventures  each day. And I would strongly encourage you to think about adding an elf to your Christmas traditions. (It can be fun even if you don't have small children. It would be fun allowing each family member to take  turns coming up with new adventures.) 
Last night was day 11 of the 12 Days of Treats and Stories. The treat was gingerbread men cookies.
I do have some crafty things I will be sharing with you in the days to come. I am off to get our big dinner ready for today. (We have dinner on Christmas Eve so we can play with new things all day on Christmas.)
Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone!!
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 23- Elf gifts

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Day 23 already. This morning we awoke to gifts from Mr. Snowflake!! Yeah!! Well, that was short lived....
LOL, looks like Mr. Snowflake needs to practice his gift wrapping skills over the summer. He is definately not a Macy's kind of wrapper. lol

 Looks like our elf had a little trouble.

 Funny thing is, I feel like this sometimes when I am wrapping!! LOL 

 Tape, ribbon and paper.... Oh My!!

 The kids were so excited to open their gifts!! I wish I had gotten of picture of Hailey's excited face that in an instant turn to one of being puzzled! Hailey got a bar of soap. Hunter got a lightbulb. (By the way- He LOVES his light bulb!! He has been holding it over his head and telling us he has an idea. Funny kid!!)

 Daddy with his roll of toilet paper from Mr. Snowflake. LOL

Mommy's box with a few tissues left. (My sister got a box of take out condiments!!LOL Sorry, her picture blurred.)
Thanks for the laughs Mr. Snowflake, and really you shouldn't have!! LOL No really!!

I need to get groceries today or we will be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Christmas dinner!!
 I went shopping with my sister last night and the kiddos were sleeping when I got home- the 12 Days of Treats and Stories will continue tonight.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf on the Shelf-Day 22- I see you

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I grabbed my camera this morning to take a few pictures and saw that Mr. Snowflake had used my camera. I found these pictures......
 Mr. Snowflake is a sneaky one! He slipped into the bedroom while they were sleeping and took some pictures.

 Then he took a few pictures of himself... wearing Hunter's glasses!!
Lol, I just can not help but laugh every time I see him wearing the glasses.

 Too cute!

 Then a couple of pictures of the kids sleeping.

 Haileybug snuggled with her puppy dog.
I wonder if the kids were dreaming about their Christmas parties today at school, or maybe waking up Christmas morning to find what Santa had brought. Or maybe they are dreaming about the story we read before bed for our 12 Days of Treats and Stories, A Gift for Jesus. Or maybe they are dreaming about the the big chocolate dollars they got just before bed. LOL

 Hailey, being a junk food junkie, has really enjoy the treats each evening.

 Hunter has been really listening to the stories and the treats are fun for him too.

LOL, that girl cracks me up!! 
I need to finish up a few little things. Today is the last day at school for 2011. I see us sleeping in and then playiong with new toys next week... oh and eating, of course!! :-)
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf on the Shelf -Day 21- Flying High

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Mr. Snowflake is such a character!! This morning we found him in the living room....

 along with a bunch of PAPER AIRPLANES!! LOL

 It did not take long to discover who the guilty party was.

Look who we caught red handed!! Mr. Snowflake!!
 Really!?!? On the ceiling fan!

 And the fireplace...

 Oh my,even the Christmas tree!! LOL

 Hunter wasn't as impressed with how Mr. Snowflake got up in the window or knew how to make paper airplanes as he was with how he got the paper. LOL 
Our story last night was about The Perfect Christmas Tree, and our treat was Peeps Christmas trees. (I love the stories. It has been a good way to to end our busy days.)

Last night our bed time story was one of the books Mr. Snowflake brought yesterday morning. (We read the other one after dinner.) I am so glad this book is in our library now. I would highly recommend it for your little ones. Mama bear teaches Little Cub why Jesus is more important than Santa. :-)
The kids have one more day of school this year, they both have their class parties tomorrow. I am going shopping with my sister tomorrow evening- I know we are crazy!! And then everyone has the day off on Friday! Woo Hoo!! I hope all of your preparations are winding down and you are enjoying the whole Christmas season!!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 20- Reading Elf

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I am not sure which days the kids like more, the silly elf trick days or the days they wake up to little gifts from Mr. Snowflake. This morning was another gift day, Mr. Snowflake brought 2 new Christmas books to add to our collection- Elmo's Delicious Christmas and Thank you God for Christmas. We are looking forward to reading them tonight.
Not only did he bring new books, but he also rounded up their other Christmas book. It looked like the snowmen were enjoying the story.
(Again I am playing with different settings on my camera, sorry.)

 Hee Hee, good thing there is not a fire in the fireplace, those poor snowmen!! :-)

 Looks as if Mr. Snowflake has been reading all night.

 Happy listeners.

 Reading a new book.

 Mr. Snowflake moved that heavy rocking chair all by himself!! (I am sure he used a little magic. LOL)
You can see we like to read a wide variety of books.
Speaking of reading, we read the Christmas Orange last night for our 12 Days of Treats and Stories. I will admit that I am surprised by how excited the kids are for the story each evening. (I am sure the treat has something to do with that. LOL) They like trying to guess what the treat will be after we review the story.
Last night they were a little puzzled, the story was a bout an orange, but the package was small and square! :-) 
 Hunter with our Chocolate Orange. 

I had never had a Chocolate Orange before, so it was a treat for me too. Wow, who would have thought that orange and chocolate would taste so good together.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf on the Shelf-Day 19- Ker-plop

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Well, I am please to say that Mr. Snowflake has made a full recovery from his little cold!! he was up and at'em early this morning. I woke up this morning to discover that my pillow was missing, and not just mine, but everyone else too!
(I can not post the pictures until I apologize first for the picture quality. For some reason my favorite setting wanted to come out blurry this morning. So the photos are taken in a couple of different settings.)

 Mr. Snowflake took the sofa cushions, our pillows and the small pillows from the sofa to make Mt. Pillow.

LOL, looks like Mr. Snowflake did a face plant from the top of Mt. Pillows. :-)
The kids didn't mind that their pillows had been stolen while they slept, they were so happy we didn't have to make a doctor appointment for him. 
We did the 12 Days of Treats and Stories last night, (it feels good to be back on track again!!) our story was about the Shepherds. The I could not find the recommended treat local and shipping was more than the item, so I had to improvise. After looking high and low and racking my brain I came up with something the kids were very happy with. 

We used Cotton Candy and called it "Sheep's wool." LOL They LOVED it!!

Nothing like treats before bed!! :-)
I have been hearing from some of you, and I know that the Brown family will not be the only ones to miss Mr. Snowflake once he goes back to the North Pole!! I have also heard that some will be adopting an elf next year- I can hardly wait to hear about all of the mischief!! Oh, and just because you do not have little ones does not mean you can not still have fun with the elf, I have read where some couples try to "out do" each other every morning with elf mischief.
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