Friday, December 9, 2011

Elf on the shelf- day 9- Potty time

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 Well I knew sooner or later it was bound to happen....Mr. Snowflake had to go potty. Hee hee He chose the "little" bathroom, the one the kids use for teeth brushing before school each morning.

Looks like Mr. Snowflake was trying to brush his teeth using Hailey's toothpaste.

He also had those tiny little cups all over the place.

A message on the mirror, "I peed in your potty"

LOL (there is a little spot of purple in there, purple just didn't look right. LOL I had used all of my green food coloring making the kids green eggs and ham but I had one drop of green left, and added some blue too. Cool, elves pee in a tie dye pattern. LOL)

And then there was the toilet paper!! From the bathroom, through the mud room, the dining room and into the living room! (That was our clue on where to find him this morning!

More tp.

And then there were two sleepy-heads checking out the whole thing!!

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Kristie Maynard said...

Two thumbs up! So funny.