Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elf on the Shelf - Day 13- Brownies

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I think all that game playing made  Mr. Snowflake a little hungry.  Last night he brought us a brownie mix and got everything together so the kids can make brownies for him tonight.
 Thank you Mr.  Snowflake for being so organized.

 Peppermint Brownies, sounds good to me!!

 It looks as if Mr. Snowflake is ready to get to work, he even brought his very  own little whisk. LOL
 Not only is our little elf cute, BUT handy too!! :-)

Oh wait, what is that I see, looks like something we should not read.... but I could not help myself, I had to take a peek. The kids had a rough listening day yesterday, so the  "Magic Elf Report" will hopefully remind them to "do the right thing." :-)

Last night after dinner we also started our 12 Days of treats and Stories. (I borrowed the idea from The Craft Patch blog, I found hers from last year HERE and she did it again HERE. We started ours yesterday so we would finish on Christmas Eve. I did have to change up a few things for ours as I could not find everything.)
The the treat that went along with the story  for the first day was Chocolate Coins. They each received a small mesh bag of "gold" coins.
 LOL, I spy a little monkey in the background. (The one Hunter is holding is the only one he ate, he is saving the rest for later.)
Hailey has her "coins" all laid out, and yes, she ate all of them last night. The girl can not resist Chocolate!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Until later~

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Kristie Maynard said...

Wow, Mr. Snowflake is keeping y'all pretty busy. Now the 12 Days of gifts and stories? How cute is that? Thanks for sharing all this with us!