Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 11- Just hanging out

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Tomorrow will start our 12 days of Stories and Treats inspired from this blog---> The Craft Patch.

I looks like to me that Mr. Snowflake lost his parachute before getting stuck on the dining room ceiling fan. (Each morning the kids have been quick to straighten the "mess" the elf has made. I think they don't want him to get into trouble with his boss. LOL Hunter iis trying to figure out how to get the elf down without touching him.LOL)
 It took a few minutes to find him this morning, I guess we are going to have to look high and low for him from now on.

 Looks like he will be just hanging out today. LOL

All of the mischief he gets into and still looks so innocent with that cute little grin!! :-)
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