Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf on the Shelf-Day 22- I see you

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I grabbed my camera this morning to take a few pictures and saw that Mr. Snowflake had used my camera. I found these pictures......
 Mr. Snowflake is a sneaky one! He slipped into the bedroom while they were sleeping and took some pictures.

 Then he took a few pictures of himself... wearing Hunter's glasses!!
Lol, I just can not help but laugh every time I see him wearing the glasses.

 Too cute!

 Then a couple of pictures of the kids sleeping.

 Haileybug snuggled with her puppy dog.
I wonder if the kids were dreaming about their Christmas parties today at school, or maybe waking up Christmas morning to find what Santa had brought. Or maybe they are dreaming about the story we read before bed for our 12 Days of Treats and Stories, A Gift for Jesus. Or maybe they are dreaming about the the big chocolate dollars they got just before bed. LOL

 Hailey, being a junk food junkie, has really enjoy the treats each evening.

 Hunter has been really listening to the stories and the treats are fun for him too.

LOL, that girl cracks me up!! 
I need to finish up a few little things. Today is the last day at school for 2011. I see us sleeping in and then playiong with new toys next week... oh and eating, of course!! :-)
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Until later~

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