Saturday, December 17, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 16- Umm, who gave the elf the van keys?

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 The kids found a note from the Mr. Snowflake saying he was running a little late and for them to have a great day. It was time to take Hunter to school and look what we found out in the garage....
 Look... Mr. Snowflake had turned the van around and parked it kitty corner in the garage!!
 (You really can't tell how bad his parking is, but we park the van, a pickup truck and a PT Cruiser in that space! And YES, those are still boxes that needs to be organized... when it gets warmer.)

I always pull straight into the garage, that stinker had spun the van around backwards. Not only that BUT had changed the radio station and had cranked it up full blast. It almost blasted us out of the van. LOL Oh the kids had a good laugh and talked about where he might have driven to and wondered if he had driven crazy.
Sister and I had to go into town as soon as we dropped brother off, so Mr. Snowflake had to ride along. :-)
 He got to spend the whole day in Minot. Daddy and Brother met up with us to help wrap gifts that will be going to a FEMA trailer park on Sunday. It was almost midnight when we finally got home, and Hunter thought it would be a good idea to take our elf inside to keep him from freezing.
The kids were so sleepy that we didn't get out 12 Days of treats and Stories done!
We are off this morning, and it is going to be another busy day, finishing our wrapping this morning, going to see Wicked this afternoon and then to a live Nativity. (And hopefully day 17 of Elf on the Shelf before bed!!)
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