Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 8- Snowball fight

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Day 8 of Mischief-
Mr. Snowflake and Mr. Snowman are having a mini marshmallow snowball fight on the kitchen counter! They used Hunter's blocks to try and stay safe from the snowballs....

 Looks like he is having some fun! Isn't funny that you can see he has been hit with the snowballs? LOL And he still has 2 snow ball on him.

 Mr. Snowman looks like a tough opponent, and it looks like he has plenty of ammo left. 

 Right away Hailey started divvying up the snowballs that didn't make it to their target.

 I believe the kids have chosen "Team Snowflake!"

Hailey is making sure they each get an equal amount of snowballs. :-) Gotta keep things fair, huh?
I am not sure about you, but an indoor snowball fight sounds like a good idea to me, especially when it is supposed to be -12* tomorrow and windy!! :-)
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Kristie Maynard said...

So cute! The weatherman says we are going to get about 9" of snow tonight. Hoping he's wrong again or it goes in the Southtowns which are ski areas. I really don't want any of the white stuff, but we have already hit a record for being this late in the season with no snow. Guess it won't wait for ever!