Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- day 6- Funny Faces

Edited to add- You can use a Dry Erase marker on glass/mirrors. It will wipe right off and will not harm your photos.

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Two little sleepy-eyed kids climbed out of their nice warm beds this morning to see what Mr. Snowflake had been up to while they slept. Hunter spotted the elf right away, AND... then he spotted what Mr. Snowflake had done! (He looked so funny, I could not help but laugh! He did a double take, then he rubbed his eyes and looked again. LOL)

 The pictures of the kids over the fireplace. Looks innocent enough, right? LOL

 One sleepy-eyed boy.

 LOL, Hailey thought it was funny!

 Elf ears for Hunter and Hailey as Charlie Chaplin.

 Hey Batter, Batter....

 Aww, a kitty and a bunny.

 A princess!!

 Hunter sporting a 'stache!! (He loved this one!!)

 The clock looks sleepy.

 Ah, so there he is, the guilty one.

 They got to work cleaning off some of the pictures.....

so they could try their hand at it. :-)
Yesterday, at the store Hailey had to tell a lady all about her elf. She was so excited and loved telling the stories of what he has been up to. I am so thrilled they are enjoying Mr. Snowflake as much as I am!!
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Kelly Schelske said...

too fun Lisa, that's awesome!

Kristie Maynard said...

Oh this one is really cute!