Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November painted wood door hangers

 I am slowly but surly painting door hangers to have a couple for each month. I began painting these two last October and finally finished them this October!!
 The ground has been covered with snow since just after Halloween and I really struggled hanging my November hangers and not skipping straight ahead to Christmas! But, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season and I am not quite ready to let them go just yet!

I want to apologize because I have to cover our 2 littlest ones' names. I can't share those.
For my hanger I started with a very large pumpkin cutout but I wanted more than one pumpkin. So, I used various shades of orange to add the smaller pumpkins, it turned out so cute!! And because I now have a little experience painting these hangers I did not hesitate one bit free-handing my lettering. I added a leather hanger and a hand tied bow before hanging it on my door. All of the kids love this one, they like seeing their names!

I am so glad that old pick up trucks are "in" now!! My dad had a thing for old trucks and they remind me of him. I am so happy to have this one!! I love my little truck!! I decided to not add any lettering or a bow to this one, I didn't thin it needed it, besides my dad would have preferred it this way!

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Until later~