Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hubby's favorite

These are by far Hubby's favorite Christmas cards. As soon as he saw the first one he had a list of people we need to send this design to. LOL In case you can't tell, they are my The Ohio State Buckeyes inspired cards. LOL The snow flakes are stamped with Charcoal and L'Amore red Palette inks. The ornament was heat embossed using a red sparkly embossing powder. The ribbon and cardstock (Bazzill) are from my stash.

Thanksgiving was so nice. Mom cooked so much food!! You could not tell anything had even been touch once we had finished eating. She always cooks way too much, she says she wants to have enough. Oh, she always has enough!! LOL So much so that the pumpkin pie was not even cut!! She is feeling great, and her hair is starting to come back. She had a lot of stubble.

We went shopping yesterday, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. (I am still waiting on DH's list, he hasn't given me one yet.) Maybe the tree will go up today (or tomorrow) I was hoping for yesterday, but it didn't happen. LOL

Until later~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

When I count my blessings today I will count all of you!!
Until later~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peanut Butter cookies hot from the oven!! YUMMMMM! Oh so tasty. And you know the bestest part- DH made them (and cleaned up afterwards!!)

I am making homemade rolls today- the only request mom had for me to bring to dinner tomorrow. Ahhhh, the smell of yeasty bread baking on a cold day.

I hope that all of you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow have a great one. And I pray everyone takes a few moments to count your blessings- you just may find that you are Blessed Beyond Measure!!!

Love to all!!

Until later~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Homespun Christmas card

I bought this retired TAC stamp set from another Angel, (Hi Trudy!!) and as soon as I got them in the house I had to ink them up!! :-) I love Primitives and anything Homespun, so I can't recall why I didn't order this set before it retired.

Here is my take on a Homespun Christmas card. I used the Matchmakers cardstock, because it has a white core it looks so cool when you distress it with a sanding block. The Burnt Umber Palette ink and a dauber gives all the cardstock an age worn, well loved look. Of course then I had to add the ribbon (thin strips of torn Homespun fabric would have worked too- I just didn't want to run to my stash in the basement to find some) and Scrappers Floss (this color reminds me of jute.)


**The card base was stamped using a snowflake stamp and Versamark. When using this brand of cardstock you have to lightly sand over the Versamark to make it pop. I use a sanding block- it is easy to hold and it is a very fine grit.

**The Scrappers floss is actually made from paper- so unlike thread- it holds it shape. To get my curlicues I wrapped the ends of the floss around the tip of my paper piercer very tightly, I then carefully slip the piercer out to leave the curls. Ta da- curlicues!!

Until later~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday madness 11-24

Saturday's post was a lot of fun. And you all (I had to refrain from saying "ya'll") spotted every one of the changes. I Added the snowflakes, colored the bears muzzle, added glitter to the circle with the image, added the white dots to the scallops (using a white chalk pen- love that pen!!) and the final change was the scarf- I skipped the glitter on the new one.
If you would have stopped by to visit us on Saturday this is what you would have seen. And you would have heard these 3 yelling, "Touchdown!!" several times. LOL Haileybug was even getting into the game- so funny. Oh and no I was not wearing the Scarlet and Gray, just call me Un-American. LOL (I was just wearing mom clothes. LOL)

Some of my Christmas cards in a necked tin. Oh my, looks like altering the tin will have to be added to my TO DO list. LOL
Today's Blessings:

Lucy is such an amazing dog. She is always so loving and patient with the kids. This picture makes me smile- one of those ear to ear smiles. She had just planted a big sloppy kiss on Hunter's cheek, and was followed by, "Dog germs!!" and he ran and washed his face. LOL

Now for the Million Dollar Question- Why, oh Why did Hailey feel the need to get up at 5:30 this morning? Could be she had an exrta long nap after church yesterday (we had our Church's Thanksgiving dinner following the morning service so it was late when we got home) and then she went to sleep early last night.

Until later~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Before and After


Other than the back ground, which 5 things did I change? LOL
I hope you all are having a great weekend!! We watched the Buckeyes defeat Michigan earlier. Woo Hoo way to go Bucks!! We are just bumming now. LOL
Until later~

Friday, November 21, 2008

15 Quick and Easy Cards

More Christmas cards. I have 50 done so far. I am not sure how many more I will need. We are in a new church this year and I am not sure how they do Christmas cards. I guess I will have to wait and see. LOL
These use TAC's Good Timber tree image embossed with a shimmery Embossing powder. I ended up with the look of glitter without the mess. LOL
Simple Horizontal lo.

More green cards. LOL
Here I have created 15 cards using ONE 12x12 sheet of designer paper and I think a little less than FOUR 12x12 pieces of cardstock. I cut my green layers 5 1/4" x 4" and then mounted those on my white card base. (Each stamped image is also matted with the cardstock.) I chose 4 different ribbons, but you wouldn't have to use any (especially if you are mailing them. LOL)
I think this was a good use of my resources.
Today's blessings-
**A Nice warm house**
**DH's job**
**Our health**
**Our families**
**Our Friends**
**All of my Cyber Friends**
Until later~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can you believe it?

Well, I was put-zing around the house yesterday, I happened to glance out the window and this is what I saw........

See those big goose feather snowflakes? The gazebo is in the neighbors yard, and just beyond that is one of our many city parks. It was snowing too hard to even see the park. I raised the blinds so the kids could see. Hailey was so excited, she just kept yelling, "Christmas Trees, Christmas trees!" everything to her that is Christmasy is "Christmas trees"- even the jolly elf in the red suit. LOL Hunter wanted to go out and make snow angels. LOL (What you see here is all we got until after nightfall. We ended up with a small dusting this morning.)

I guess that this too is a sign that the holidays will be here before you know it. Speaking of holidays- I am so excited for Thanksgiving, we will spend it with my mom. She called before Halloween and invited us to come to her house. She is feeling so good, and she wants to fix the entire dinner for us. This is her second week of Radiation and she is doing very well. (She did say she thought she saw one hair on her head the other day. LOL She cracks me up!!) Yeah, the kids get to spend Thanksgiving in Amish Country.

Until later~

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Monday Madness

Things on my work table right now. These are going to be used on my Ohio State Buckeyes inspired Christmas cards. LOL Well, we live in Columbus, and my husband is and OSU graduate and he worked there for 15 years. He jokes that if cut he bleeds Scarlet and Gray. The day after Hunter was born hubby held him (both dressed in Buckeye clothes) for most of the "first game together." LOL It was too cute.

Some pieces for a Christmas gift, 6x6 pieces of chipboard and card stock stamped with the months of the year. Hummm, I can not wait to get this one done!!
Lastly, hubby likes to deer hunt. He was up bright and early on Saturday to get in the woods and wait for the "big one." It was raining and chilly, but that did not bother him. He came home around noon, and look what he brought home..........

The New Meatball pizza from Donatos!! Yummmm!! I LOVE my deer hunter!!!! Apparently the deer were in their nice warm, dry beds and planned to stay there for the day. LOL

Have a great one!!!

Until later~

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Christmas card

Little by little and bit by bit I am getting our Christmas cards done. I have had something on the schedule every day this week, so I had to skip my Tuesday work day. I have taken advantage of a few minutes whenever I can "steal" them. LOL I just do what I can when I can. I need about 100 Christmas cards, so I am keeping them very simple this year. I must admit for the first time ever I am really enjoying creating our Holiday cards. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the other's, but after card 37, 62 and 99 looking the same it can become a chore. This year I have made some simple changes to some basic designs and each one feels "new". YKWIM?
Notice I am finally using my little reindeer? LOL
I love his cute little face, I bought Christmas Fun just because of this little guy. I think I have always used red Stickles on his nose- reminds me of that one reindeer. You know the one, all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names....... LOL
I found these papers at the LSS early last month and knew I would have to have them. I just hope they still have some when I go back. **fingers crossed**
The "Merry Christmas" stamp is from a set of clear stamps that match the paper. (I really need more practice using clear stamps- I need to find the right pressure. Somethings I smoosh too hard and get a deformed shaped. LOL Not good!)
Oh, we started our Christmas shopping. We have decided to not go overboard this year. The kids are pretty easy to buy for- we have always done 3 gifts- just like the wise men brought to Jesus. (It can be very difficult for a 4 year old to narrow his list to 3, but he has already told me that some toys will have to stay on his list. LOL. Whenever we go shopping and check out the toy section I always tell the kids to put those toys they really want on their list. Hey, we don't have kids throwing tantrums in the store for toys. LOL It is funny when I tell Hunter to put something on his list, and he replies, "It's already on my list." LOL Too cute!!)
This year we are starting a new tradition. I have already started preparing the kids, and at first it didn't go over too well. LOL But, I think they finally "get it". This year we are leaving some of our older toys under the tree for Santa to give to the other children on his journey. I hope this helps rid some toy clutter and instills a Spirit of giving in Hunter and Hailey. After all, that is the TRUE Spirit of Christmas.
Sorry for being so gabby today. LOL
Until later~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, what can you do in two minutes?? This card felt like it only took 2 minutes. Actually, it did take a little longer, I had to wait for the glue to dry after I applied the glitter to the scarf. And if you look very closely you will see that I should have let the blue marker dry for another minute on said scarf. LOL It NEVER pays to get in a hurry. LOL Looks good for my prototype, I can work with it. LOL ** The image is from the Wal-Mart clear stamps**

This is my latest Christmas card design. LOL- Funny, neither the paper nor this cute Polar bear image was anywhere to be seen in yesterday's post. Yep, I swear I have crafter's ADD. I have pieces for several Christmas card designs in various states and yet when I get a minute I start something brand new. LOL Can I get a witness?? Where is my "Amen" corner?? PLEASE don't tell me I am alone on this one!!

My cards may not be done yet, BUT I have printed off my return addy labels, AND got my mailing list started.LOL Little steps, little steps!!

So, go ahead and leave me a comment. Tell me that your Christmas cards are:




you've thought about them,

What's the big deal, you still have 44 days.....

Until later~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Madness...

Yummy Christmas papers- cut and ready to be used on our family's Holiday cards.
Oodles of reindeer, stamped, colored, Stickled, punched and matted-ready to be used on our family's traditional Holiday cards. (Not necessarily to be used on the above papers. LOL) **Please note the reindeer were not injured during said stamping, coloring, Stickle-ing, punching and matting!!!** LOL
Fun non-traditional card - ready to be sent to our Flamingo loving friends for the Holidays.
Another busy week here, I will try to catch up with you as you go flying by me.LOL
Until later~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Flowers

Grandma B's birthday was last week. Here is the card we sent her. Daddy called and chatted with her, catching up on all the latest. Hailey was eager to tell her "Happy Birtday!" LOL But she did chicken out and not sing for her. Hunter wasn't in much of a mood to talk.
(Everything used except for the image is from The Angel Comapny and can be found in my on-line store-link on the right-->.) If you look closely you will see that there is an embossed "frame" around the matted image. I love using the Scor-pal to achieve that effect- it is so easy with the right tool. The image is one I had picked up about 4 years ago, I love those cute little heart-shaped leaves. I wanted to use a watercolor technique- picking up a little color from the tip of the watercolor crayons using an Aquaflow water brush. The colors are so pretty I just could not bring myself to mute them with more water. LOL Stickles added to the center of the flowers adds a little sparkle and shine, and the petals of the flowers were dotted with a white chalk pen. The image was matted with DP from the Miss Moxie SWIC and the beautiful sheer ribbon is from the same collection. I hope you enjoy it Grandma!!
We had an unexpected visitor show up at our home around 2 AM Friday. Both Hubby and I ended up with the Stomach flu. I thought it was so strange that we both got it at the EXACT same time. Hummm, I did wonder for a minute if it was food poisoning, but it wasn't. How do I know that it wasn't? Well, because Hunter woke up around 12:30 Saturday morning with the SAME thing. Poor little guy. He was doing much better yesterday evening. So, my word of advice- If the tummy bug comes to visit at your house, just pretend you are not home!! LOL
Until later~

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A week?

Seriously, someone must have hit the fast forward button- you know the 8x one. It seems like I have been losing time since August. (Yeah, I am still trying to find the couple of days I lost while staying at the hospital with Hailey- in August!!) It has been almost a week since I posted, and what have I done in that week??? Well, just a whole lot of little things. Nothing huge, just TONS of little things.

Tuesday night I did get in a little work time. I almost finished 18 Christmas cards. I need to find the perfect ribbon to finish them up, and then I can share them with you. I have one Masculine Birthday card to do yet this year. My goal was to send B-day cards to my dad's side of the family. Well I have almost made it. That was almost 50 birthday cards for the year. Wow!!

This is my heat and dry embossed card. The Metallic green paper was dry embossed with the Big Shot and a texture plate.The Cars image and the word "cars" was heat embossed using black ink and clear embossing powder. A little bit of black card stock and a thin green ribbon finished this one. DH thought this one was pretty cool looking- in other words it was more to his liking, he prefers it to the more girlie cards I make. LOL

My Aunt had her surgery last Thursday. The kidney was removed, and she will not need any Chemo or Radiation. The surgery went well, and she is recovering nicely. Thank the Lord for watching over her.

Until later~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festival

Hunter has been hooked on Garfield for a coupleof months now. He even tells everyone that his name is Garfield, he will not answer to Hunter- only Garfield. A couple of weeks ago we had am all day seminar at church, the ladies from the church's day care came to provide child care for the afternoon. Hunter told those ladies that his name was Garfield. LOL He decided he was going to be Garfield and Hailey would be Odie- good thing is she is too young to argue. LOL Well last week the kids saw the Chipmunks- now Hunter says he is Alvin. I told him he had to be Garfield for at least another week.LOL After I had to order their costumes on Ebay a couple of weeks ago He was not changing his mind!! LOL So tonight we had Garfield and Odie- thank goodness for nice warm costumes!! It got chilly after the sun went down.

This is the pony ride, look how cute that little pony is!! They had him dressed like a Pirate, honestly I wanted to bring him home with me. I was very surprised that Sister got off of the little guy. The last time she rode a horse she did not want to get off. LOL

This little pony was giving rides on the little cart. Again, I wanted to bring this little one home too.

We had hot dogs, chips and fresh apple cider. We did the "trunk or treat", they really liked stopping by each car and getting some candy. And then we finished off the night with a hay ride. Needless to say- we all really enjoyed ourselves.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!!!

Until later~