Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Christmas card

Little by little and bit by bit I am getting our Christmas cards done. I have had something on the schedule every day this week, so I had to skip my Tuesday work day. I have taken advantage of a few minutes whenever I can "steal" them. LOL I just do what I can when I can. I need about 100 Christmas cards, so I am keeping them very simple this year. I must admit for the first time ever I am really enjoying creating our Holiday cards. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the other's, but after card 37, 62 and 99 looking the same it can become a chore. This year I have made some simple changes to some basic designs and each one feels "new". YKWIM?
Notice I am finally using my little reindeer? LOL
I love his cute little face, I bought Christmas Fun just because of this little guy. I think I have always used red Stickles on his nose- reminds me of that one reindeer. You know the one, all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names....... LOL
I found these papers at the LSS early last month and knew I would have to have them. I just hope they still have some when I go back. **fingers crossed**
The "Merry Christmas" stamp is from a set of clear stamps that match the paper. (I really need more practice using clear stamps- I need to find the right pressure. Somethings I smoosh too hard and get a deformed shaped. LOL Not good!)
Oh, we started our Christmas shopping. We have decided to not go overboard this year. The kids are pretty easy to buy for- we have always done 3 gifts- just like the wise men brought to Jesus. (It can be very difficult for a 4 year old to narrow his list to 3, but he has already told me that some toys will have to stay on his list. LOL. Whenever we go shopping and check out the toy section I always tell the kids to put those toys they really want on their list. Hey, we don't have kids throwing tantrums in the store for toys. LOL It is funny when I tell Hunter to put something on his list, and he replies, "It's already on my list." LOL Too cute!!)
This year we are starting a new tradition. I have already started preparing the kids, and at first it didn't go over too well. LOL But, I think they finally "get it". This year we are leaving some of our older toys under the tree for Santa to give to the other children on his journey. I hope this helps rid some toy clutter and instills a Spirit of giving in Hunter and Hailey. After all, that is the TRUE Spirit of Christmas.
Sorry for being so gabby today. LOL
Until later~


Natalie said...

Adorable card and I am so touched by your "list" story and the "toys under the tree" story. :)

ScrappyPam said...

What a wonderful tradition to have for your family!

Monica said...

I love this tradition!! What a wonderful idea!

that reindeer card is so cute!

Seleise said...

love the little reindeer card. super cute! congrats on getting so many Christmas cards done. I think I've got 5 done now. :)

happy stamping!

Barb said...

Adorable reindeer card... he is my favorite image from that set, too!

LOVE the new family tradition you're starting with gift-giving...

Trudy Osborn said...

I LOVE this! Too cute