Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peanut Butter cookies hot from the oven!! YUMMMMM! Oh so tasty. And you know the bestest part- DH made them (and cleaned up afterwards!!)

I am making homemade rolls today- the only request mom had for me to bring to dinner tomorrow. Ahhhh, the smell of yeasty bread baking on a cold day.

I hope that all of you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow have a great one. And I pray everyone takes a few moments to count your blessings- you just may find that you are Blessed Beyond Measure!!!

Love to all!!

Until later~


Lawanda said...

Oh those look YUMMY!!!

(About my dishwahser: I hate it, so I don't want it. He left that space empty and is just covering it with a door so that if we ever want it back, it is simple to just put it in there :) )

Have a happy TG!!! Homemade rolls sound AWESOME! I am making the frozen ones :) They aren't too shabby ;)

Bridgett said...

Mmm! Peanut butter cookies...yummo! Homemade dinner rolls...oh you are making me hungry!! LOL