Saturday, November 22, 2008

Before and After


Other than the back ground, which 5 things did I change? LOL
I hope you all are having a great weekend!! We watched the Buckeyes defeat Michigan earlier. Woo Hoo way to go Bucks!! We are just bumming now. LOL
Until later~


Barb said...

Ok, I only see four... what am I missing?!
1. snowflakes
2. glitter snow
3. colored muzzle
4. white dots in the scallops

Sammi said...

I can only see the 4 too...
dots on scallop, muzzle slightly pink, snow glitter, snowflakes... is the scarf a different colour or is that just the photo/ contrast.. mmm...

Percy said...

I am with Barb on this one, I can't seem to see the 5th one, unless it is the 'backround'....:) Cute card!

Joana said...

OK counted four have struggled to find the 5th
love the card


Diane said...

I'm thinking the 5th is the scarf--either that or the blue scallop part is lighter in the second one (or is it just the photo?).

Seleise said...

the four Barb put and the scarf. fun game! and cute card!