Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday madness 11-24

Saturday's post was a lot of fun. And you all (I had to refrain from saying "ya'll") spotted every one of the changes. I Added the snowflakes, colored the bears muzzle, added glitter to the circle with the image, added the white dots to the scallops (using a white chalk pen- love that pen!!) and the final change was the scarf- I skipped the glitter on the new one.
If you would have stopped by to visit us on Saturday this is what you would have seen. And you would have heard these 3 yelling, "Touchdown!!" several times. LOL Haileybug was even getting into the game- so funny. Oh and no I was not wearing the Scarlet and Gray, just call me Un-American. LOL (I was just wearing mom clothes. LOL)

Some of my Christmas cards in a necked tin. Oh my, looks like altering the tin will have to be added to my TO DO list. LOL
Today's Blessings:

Lucy is such an amazing dog. She is always so loving and patient with the kids. This picture makes me smile- one of those ear to ear smiles. She had just planted a big sloppy kiss on Hunter's cheek, and was followed by, "Dog germs!!" and he ran and washed his face. LOL

Now for the Million Dollar Question- Why, oh Why did Hailey feel the need to get up at 5:30 this morning? Could be she had an exrta long nap after church yesterday (we had our Church's Thanksgiving dinner following the morning service so it was late when we got home) and then she went to sleep early last night.

Until later~


Kelly Schelske said...

Great picts Lisa!! Dontcha just love it when 6 am or earlier seems ok to them?? Landon did the same thing yesterday morning!! Hope you have a super week!! Hugs, Kelly

Lawanda said...

Haha! WE drove up to Zanesville to Kevin's parents' new house just to watch that game ;)

Monica said...

what great pictures!! So cute!