Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festival

Hunter has been hooked on Garfield for a coupleof months now. He even tells everyone that his name is Garfield, he will not answer to Hunter- only Garfield. A couple of weeks ago we had am all day seminar at church, the ladies from the church's day care came to provide child care for the afternoon. Hunter told those ladies that his name was Garfield. LOL He decided he was going to be Garfield and Hailey would be Odie- good thing is she is too young to argue. LOL Well last week the kids saw the Chipmunks- now Hunter says he is Alvin. I told him he had to be Garfield for at least another week.LOL After I had to order their costumes on Ebay a couple of weeks ago He was not changing his mind!! LOL So tonight we had Garfield and Odie- thank goodness for nice warm costumes!! It got chilly after the sun went down.

This is the pony ride, look how cute that little pony is!! They had him dressed like a Pirate, honestly I wanted to bring him home with me. I was very surprised that Sister got off of the little guy. The last time she rode a horse she did not want to get off. LOL

This little pony was giving rides on the little cart. Again, I wanted to bring this little one home too.

We had hot dogs, chips and fresh apple cider. We did the "trunk or treat", they really liked stopping by each car and getting some candy. And then we finished off the night with a hay ride. Needless to say- we all really enjoyed ourselves.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!!!

Until later~


Barb said...

cute cute cute!!!

Joana said...

ooh soooooooooo cute love the costume
joana xxxxx said...

Oooh....sooo adorable it looks like u all had a wonderful night

Sammi said...

Oh how fun!! and oh - how adorable are your children!!! loving the costumes!! :)

Angela K said...

Too cute!! lOve their costumes!!

Jessica Smith said...

Sooo cute I love the costumes.