Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf on the Shelf -Day 21- Flying High

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Mr. Snowflake is such a character!! This morning we found him in the living room....

 along with a bunch of PAPER AIRPLANES!! LOL

 It did not take long to discover who the guilty party was.

Look who we caught red handed!! Mr. Snowflake!!
 Really!?!? On the ceiling fan!

 And the fireplace...

 Oh my,even the Christmas tree!! LOL

 Hunter wasn't as impressed with how Mr. Snowflake got up in the window or knew how to make paper airplanes as he was with how he got the paper. LOL 
Our story last night was about The Perfect Christmas Tree, and our treat was Peeps Christmas trees. (I love the stories. It has been a good way to to end our busy days.)

Last night our bed time story was one of the books Mr. Snowflake brought yesterday morning. (We read the other one after dinner.) I am so glad this book is in our library now. I would highly recommend it for your little ones. Mama bear teaches Little Cub why Jesus is more important than Santa. :-)
The kids have one more day of school this year, they both have their class parties tomorrow. I am going shopping with my sister tomorrow evening- I know we are crazy!! And then everyone has the day off on Friday! Woo Hoo!! I hope all of your preparations are winding down and you are enjoying the whole Christmas season!!
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