Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elf on the Shelf -Day 7- "Sock it to me"

**To read about Mr. Snowflakes previous tricks click HERE**

Last night while we were sleeping Mr. Snowflake was going through our sock drawers. Not only did he go through Hailey and Hunter's drawers, he also went through daddy and mommy's drawers too!!
 Humm, looks like someone has been in Hailey's sock drawer!

And SOMEONE has been in Daddy and mommy's sock drawer!! (I wonder what he was looking for.)
I am surprised that Junior didn't chase our little elf away. :-) 

 AND someone has been in Hunter's sock drawer.... and there he is!!
Ah, there is the guilty one!! Mr. Snowflake!!
Oh, wait, it looks like new socks.

 Hunter was happy to find new socks.
He got dressed pretty fast this morning so he could wear the socks Mr. Snowflake brought.

 Oh yea, I think he likes them!

 Hailey and I got to sleep in this morning, daddy took Hunter to school. After Hunter had left, sister got up and found her socks, she came down the hall (hiding them behind her back) and asked if Snowflake had brought Hunter something.  She was happy to hear that Hunter had some too.
(Don't you love her mismatched jammies? LOL)

New Hello Kitty Christmas socks. 
Mr. Snowflake, THANK YOU for the joy you are bringing to my children. They are excited to get up each morning and see what you have been doing while they sleep!!
Thank you for stopping by!!
Until later~

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