Monday, December 5, 2011

Elf on the Shelf- Day 5- Brrrrrr

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Day 5, and Mr.Snowflake is just plain silly- or maybe a little homesick. :-) This morning our jolly, happy elf was not where the kid's could find him easily. Right away daddy and Hunter did find a note....

It says, "Mommy, Please bring my elf in to get warm! :-)" When we opened the blinds in the dining room this is what we found--

Mr.Snowflake was outside!! We have the coldest temperatures yet this morning, -8* with a windchill of -35*. We also got about 3 inches of snow yesterday so I wonder if  maybe Mr. Snowflake was a little homesick and just wanted to play in the snow. He found my decorative sled in the Christmas decorations, and he brought a block maker and 2 new kid size snow shovels. Looks like he had been having fun playing in the new snow.

By the time we found Mr. Snowflake he was looking a tiny bit cold. I was very careful to not touch him as I brought him inside and wrapped him in a blanket to get warm. 

 Hunter re-telling how he found our elf outside this morning. (Seems like this time of year a toy ad is never far away. LOL)

Hailey LOL Good way to keep warm today!

 Hailey suggested we put him in front of the fireplace. (It might help if we actually lit the fireplace. LOL) Looks like Mr. Snowflake will keep cozy.

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Kristie Maynard said...

Cute, cute, cute! Poor little Mr, Snowflake, guess he didn't have a clue about ND winter temps. Should have put on extra layers, eh?