Monday, January 13, 2014

Elf on the Shelf- Days 20-24 2013

Here it is the middle of January and I am just now post about the last few days we had with Snowflake and Holly before they returned to the North Pole with Santa.
Day 20 was the day those silly elves left me laughing out loud! After the kids did their quick search of the house, Snowflake and Holly were found in the bathroom-AGAIN!! trying to be helpful-AGAIN!! LOL
 It appears that, apparently Tigress (Hunter's jaguar) had to go potty. LOL I still laugh when I see this picture! Hailey said right away that those were only Tootsie Rolls, but she refused to prove it to me by picking one up! :-)

Day 21-Looks like someone got a little hungry. A coconut? Just so you know, that thing is still sitting on my kitchen counter!!
Day 22- Looks like a photo shoot! What a lovely model Holly makes. And she has been joined by a couple of friends.

Humm, now I know why the batteries are dead in that camera!!

Day 23- This was the day day the elves left a few good reminders for Hailey and Hunter.

The kids' response- We always say our prayers and brush our teeth!! LOL Maybe the "Clean your room" reminder was the one they really needed.
Day 24-The last morning before the elves returned to the North Pole with Santa. I bet they were so glad to see the Jolly Elf on Christmas Eve- he was there to take them out of this frozen tundra! I bet the North Pole was warmer. LOL
Seems, Holly and Snowflake are quite efficient with the duck calls!

And just like the past two years, Santa left a note. He thanked our family for taking good care of his favorite elves. And he apologized for their funny pranks. He also reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. And lastly, he gave permission for the kids to touch the elves.
I hope you have enjoy Snowflake and Holly as much as we have. We are still talking about them and wondering if they will return this Christmas.
Thank for stopping by!!
Until later~

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