Thursday, December 19, 2013

Days 15-19 Elf on the Shelf 2013

Day 15- Sunday morning when the kids got up for church they found the elves in the comfy chair in the office reading the Veggie Tales'  A Christmas Star, I asked Hunter if he thought Snowflake or Holly was doing the reading, he said they were probably just looking at the pictures! LOL

 Maybe Hunter is right, there are a lot of words on that page. LOL

Day 16- Oh my goodness I didn't get any pictures!! Anyway Snowflake and Holly had packed the kids' lunches. Hunter had a box of pasta, the pancake syrup, a coconut, tartar sauce and a box of mac and cheese. Hailey had a bottle of vinegar, bbq sauce, an onion, coffee creamer and mustard!

Day 17- Hunter had been waiting for the elves to build a hotel with his blocks since day 1. Needless to say he was happy to see the elves had listened to him. This was the morning Hunter realized that the elves ALWAYS clean up after themselves! 

Day 18- Look, Holly and Snowflake went camping with a couple of friends! I am glad they decided to camp in the office because it was cold and snowy outside. (Although, I am sure Snowflake and Holly would think it is warm compared to the North Pole!)

 I think Snowflake looks so cute in Hunter's headlamp! Hunter uses that light to take the dog out at night. LOL

 Looks like they are reading another Christmas story, and I spy Hailey's light sword.

 Day 19- Time for a swim!  I'm happy they are wearing their floaties! But, what is up with Snowflake?

 Everyone else is swimming and snowflake has his fishing pole!! LOL Whatever!

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