Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Day 3, 2013 Under Construction!! Paper Towel Cabin

I guess fixing Hailey's Barbie car was something Snowflake enjoyed doing, and since he had daddy's toys out...............
 Hunter and Hailey have been getting up each morning, on their own- 30 minutes early, just to see what these 2 are doing!!
After finding the crazy elves this morning Hunter had to check the stockpile, only to find Holly and Snowflake had already found it and had borrowed a couple of things. Hunter thought it was hilarious that there is a roll of tp inside their paper products cabin!

 Yep, looks like the perfect size for two silly elves.

Holly, that hammer looks a little heavy for you. 
I hope that cabin withstands the windy/snowy conditions which continue to be in our weather forecast through tomorrow.
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