Friday, December 6, 2013

Decorating Day 6 Elf on the Shelf 2013

I guess we are not decking the halls fast enough for Snowflake and Holly! Last night as we were nestled all snug in our beds the elves were busy making things look festive.

 Really, Christmas balls on the snow people noses?? Oh you 2 funny elves. And it looks like we will not be putting our tree up tonight, they swiped a couple of the branches! It is good to see we have  at least one set of lights that works. LOL
I am not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it has been down right cold here!! This was the temperature this morning when I dropped the kids of at school. With the windchill we were at -40*!! We have about 5 inches of snow too. (It is hard to get a good measurement on the snow because of the wind blowing it.)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, lots of exciting things for the kids (and us too!!) I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!!
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