Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Day 1-2013

 The kids were so surprised and happy to see Snowflake and Holly had made their return some time during the night. A few times during the past couple of weeks Hailey and Hunter had mentioned various things about our elves, but I think it was a total surprise to find them this morning.
  Hunter walked over to them several times and whispered some of his ideas of things for them to do.
 (I wish I had gotten a video, he was so sweet leaning in close, but not close enough to touch them, talking to them. It melted this mom's heart!!)

"We're back!" Spelled out in M&M's  Holly needs to practice making her "k's" the correct way.

I guess it must be a tradition now that the first morning is when the elves bring breakfast- Donuts and chocolate milk. (At least Hunter and Hailey were not heading off to school after that breakfast!!)


I had promised Hailey that after church today we would get her tree up. So, the second she got home she reminded us about the tree. (The girl was a sight heading to the garage to get her tree- in her baby doll pj's and snow boots and coat.)

 Last year the kids each had a tree in their bedrooms for the first time. Hailey has a cute little  white tree with purple lights and pretty pink decorations.

LOL, funny girl!

 A little fairy.

All done.
 Hunter's has a skinny tree. A very skinny tree!! LOL

Hunter working on His tree. Snow on the ground does not mean you have to wear a shirt! LOL  (And YES!! my kids would live in jammies if possible!!)

He decorated it just like he wanted it!! 
Well, now that the kids' trees are done they can help with the rest of the decorations, and the other 2 trees.
With bad weather in the forecast for the next 3 days (maybe a foot of snow and -40*???) the elves left a little early this evening. It was a surprise after showers tonight to see Snowflake and Holly were already gone. We are hoping they use their magic to come back before morning.
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