Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Gone Duck Dynasty Day 12, 2013

Last night Hubby and I watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas show. (We DVRed it for the kiddos to watch later.) Well, I guess we were not the only ones watching TV last night.

 This morning we found the elves in front of the TV, with daddy's Duck Dynasty DVD and Uncle Si cups for the kids and beards!  Even Holly had a beard!! Too funny!!

 Snowflake rockin' his beard.

 Holly with her beard and Hailey's pink DD cup.
Hailey used her new cup after we got home from her and Hunter's Christmas program at school tonight. Hunter used his at dinner. LOL They plan to watch the Duck Dynasty show tomorrow after school, and I am sure they will be drinking from their Si cups!
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