Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cleaning Day with Elf on the Shelf Day 4, 2013

This morning the kids were up and looking for the elves 30 minutes before their normal wake up time. After a quick search of the living room, kitchen and office Hunter gave up and crawled into my nice warm bed. Hailey is more persistent and didn't give up until she found them.  She gave a yell to let us know she found Holly and Snowflake. I asked her where they were and what they were doing. She said they were in the bathroom and it looked like they were having their hair done?? Hunter jumped out of bed and went to see for himself. He reported back that the elves were not getting their hair done, but that they were cleaning the bathroom!! Yea, I may have done a little happy dance!
This mommy could get used to having the elves help out with the cleaning around here!!

 Looks like I won't have to clean the tub for a while, with Snowflake using all those cleaning products!
(By the way, this is the kids' bathroom. We ALL agreed on the frogs, the only thing we ALL agreed on. LOL)
 LOL, Holly is busy cleaning the mirror. I hope she doesn't leave any streaks!
The kids were supposed to stay after school today and work on Christmas stuff with the FFA students. Hubby and I were taking advantage of the extra couple of hours to do our Christmas shopping. Because of the weather the thing for the kids had been rescheduled for next week, well since hubby had the day off we went ahead and headed to town. I told Snowflake and Holly we would be gone several hours, for them to feel free to clean other rooms while we were gone. Yea, they didn't. LOL
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