Friday, February 25, 2011

Another crafty project

 I have mentioned before I love to create!! Paper, fabric, wood, plaster..... I love it all. For the past couple of years I have giving my acrylic paints and my sewing machine a vacation... well, it is time to get back to work guys. LOL Today I am sharing a quick little project I did yesterday while I was at the sewing machine. (By the way, Lucy is snoring away on her comfy bed!! )

 When I was little I was all about the baby dolls. Hailey has many dolls, but she doesn't play with them as much as her fashion dolls. So yesterday I made this cute little flannel baby bunting for my Hailey's baby. :-)  I have a couple of other crafty projects in mind in hopes to develop her love of babies. We shall see.

She is excited to go camping now so she can take her baby and baby's "sleeping bag." LOL Seriously, the longest part of the project was waiting for my glue gun to heat up to attach the bow, which by the way really does match the pink on the fabric, trust me.

LOL, and yes it is the perfect size for a Minion too!! (Can you guess which movie the kids have been hooked on lately? LOL) I am thinking I need to look for some more masculine fabric next time, I was told that Woody (from the Toy Story movies) gets cold and needs something to keep him warm. Hahaha! I am sure that will lead to Jessie needing on too..... and Buzz..... and.............
Take time today to be creative, I am sure you will have a ball!!
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Kristie Maynard said...

That is just adorable. I keep thinking I'm going to make a Nook cover, but I never seem to get to it.