Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, and you are NOT going to believe this...

I started to not tell you what happened today, because you all are going to think something funny is going on here, but here goes. It was raining here this morning (like it has for the past week) and Hunter and I was watching the rain fall. He went on to play and I sat down on the sofa to play with Sister. I wasn't there very long when I heard a neighbor coming down our street. He has a two wheeled car hauler attached to the back of his truck and you can hear it bouncing on the street. Well, I heard the trailer and then a HUGE boom. I jumped up and looked out the front window, there was 3 guys at the corner of my house pulling that trailer out of my flower bed. The trailer and hitch came off the truck, crossed the neighbor's driveway, through our yard and came to a stop when it hit the cement block foundation of our front porch. No one was hurt, only one corner was broken off of a landscape brick and a dent in one block. Thank the Lord!!
Can you believe it? Two Mondays in a row two freaky things happen. The same Officer came out today. Before he left he told me he needed a vacation day next Monday. LOL I told him I was skipping Monday next week. LOL

Today's Blessings-
**God's protection**
** Mom's treatment went well today**
**The Sun did come out for awhile**

Until later~


Sammi said...

Oh no!! your poor people!! I hope that is the last "exciting" Monday you have! Thanking God for keeping you safe!!


PS. there is something on my blog for you

Bridgett said...

Wow! Mondays are dangerous around there, huh? LOL Seriously though I am thankful no one was hurt!!