Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An extra special card and a close call

Sunday evening Hunter was playing around and decided he needed to make a card for Miss Sherry, his Sunday School teacher. I am thinking that the sticker of Jesus he used on the inside reminded him of Miss Sherry. LOL

I helped him with the ribbon and the stamping- he did the rest.

A close call- yesterday morning around 9:30 I was in the bedroom getting dressed when I heard a strange sound behind me. I checked on Hailey down the hallway to see if she was into something, she was fine. When I went back into the bedroom I noticed a hole in the wall by the window. I called DH and told him I thought someone just shot the house, he said call 911. SO I called and a little while later an officer shows up. He went in the bedroom and looked at the wall, he told me, "Usually when I get a call that some one's house was shot there isn't a hole. Your house was shot." So we start looking for the bullet and can't find it. After a lot of searching we find a dent in the door on the opposite wall. This door opens into the hall and is closed unless we are in the bedroom. DH comes home and we still search for the bullet, the officer checks behind our back fence behind the house for the casing. He talked to a couple of people from the Apartments behind our house. He told us if we found the bullet to call them back. Around 3:30 Hunter went into his bathroom at the opposite end of the hall. He called for me to come in, as I went to help I stepped on something. Sure enough it was the "bullet". I called the cops to come and pick it up. The officer gets her to pick it up and tells me that it is a pellet from a high powered Pellet gun. It went through our wall, hit the door, bounced into a mirror on another door in the hall and then all the way down the hallway.

The most amazing part was when it came through the Wall it missed my head by MAYBE 3 inches!! You tell me that the Lord wasn't watching over me. I told DH last night that I am going to write a book now, How I almost died putting on my Underwear. LOL Seriously, I don't think that whoever did it was trying to get me. I have a feeling it was someone that lives in the apartment directly behind our house/fence and I think "he" learned just how deadly a pellet gun can be. I do know that the officer told "him" that I was very close to being hit. I don't expect it to ever happen again.

It is hard to believe something so tiny could be deadly.

Today's blessings-

** God's protection**

**Safety of my children**

**Getting safely dressed this morning**

**Being able to tell the neighbor's about God's protection when they saw just how close it was to hitting me**

Until later~


Angie said...

Lisa that is just scary! I am so glad that you and your family are safe! Must have been those Angel wings that deflected that pellet!

ScrappyPam said...

How frightening! I'm so glad no one was hurt!

I do like the title of your book.

Jessica Smith said...

Oh my goodness am so glad you were safe and no one was hurt. Love the title of your book too.
What a cute card I'm sure she'll love it.

Emma said...

Lisa not sure why I have only just seen this as I check your blog daily. What an awful thing to have happened especially when the children were around. Thank God you are ok though.
This happened last year to my Father-in-law. The police never found who did it but think it may have been kids. Its such a worrying world we live in. Lots of hugs to you all.x

Bridgett said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary! Thank YOU LORD for Your divine protection! What a mighty God we serve!!!