Monday, September 12, 2011

Frist day of school

This is Hunter's first day of First Grade picture. He actually missed the first 2 days of school because we was driving to North Dakota. Hunter is loving his new school!! There are 21 First graders.... total!! (Last year there was 90 Kindergerteners in his school!) There are a few differences other than class size, he has physical education every day, there are no school fees, his supply list included just the basics (no copy paper, trash bags or other things the school needs to operate) lunch costs half as much and he has not had to sell one thing yet!! LOL
He has been taking several tests each week. (The night before his first test he was praying that he would be sick the next morning. LOL) He is doing very well, and the teacher said he has adjusted well. In ND they use block print and last year Hunter's school used the other print. (Oh, what is the name of the "loopy" print??)
 Another change to our school schedule this year is that Hailey now attends Preschool. (Her class is just across the hall from Hunter's class.)
This is sister's first day of school picture. She LOVES school!! She is in class with 10 other children- there are 9 girls and 2 boys in her class!! She goes 2 days a week for 3 hours each day. I am not sure what all they do, but whatever it is wears her out. LOL She wants to go to school everyday! :-)
 Once I get everything unpacked I am hoping to use my time while the kids are in school as my creative time! We will see how that goes. :-)
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Kelly Schelske said...

Cute picts Lisa! Glad they are adjusting well and enjoying school!