Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wood and Wire Veggie Hod

Early this spring I jumped in and planted my garden- I have 6 raised 4'x4' beds. And then we had a big freeze and I thought my tomatoes had died. So I waited and replanted my plants, and was quite surprised when most of my tomato plants came back. And then the neighbor's cat and 3 big hail storms took a toll on my garden! This has been the worst year ever for growing fresh veggies for our family! I barely raised enough vegetables for one person, let alone enough for our family of 6!  But,  I have already taken steps to improve my harvest next year!
One of my homestead projects this year was to make a veggie hod to use when I harvested dirty things like potatoes, carrots and radishes. The openness allows you to give things a quick rinse with the garden hose before taking them in the house.

I had found the link to the DIY on Pinterest (HERE) and really wanted to make one. I ended up needing a lot of help from my sweet hubby to get it constructed, not because the design was difficult but because I lack power tool confidence! The hod is plenty big enough to hold lots of goodies and  is very sturdy. I could take my basket along to the farmer's market instead of using my fabric bag that leads to squished bread. LOL
So, bring on the garden fresh veggies next year, I am ready!!
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