Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, I went to court yesterday. I was served on New Year's Eve. The sheriff showed up at my door early in the morning and said he had a letter for me. My first thought was the dog was in trouble. (You remember the Basset hound we got last Christmas? Well, we had to find her a new home in May because she had attacked our other dog. Lucy had to get several staples, and we decided it was best to find Belle a new home. She went to live with one of DH's friends and his family. Her tags were never changed, so twice we have been called that our dog was found. The last call came in December. We found out that she is now with her 3rd family, a couple of hours away and she had run away.)
SO, once I read the letter (and it did not mention the dog, LOL) I was totally confused. I was to testify on behalf of the State of Ohio against someone I did not know. After several phone calls I was told it involved a theft, one I was a witness to in October. I had been in my favorite Scrapbook store and a young lady came in and was looking at the Cricut cartridges. I knew she was going to take them, so I went to the front window so I could get the License number from her car. Sure enough she left with around $500 worth of cartridges. I filled out the Police report and had not heard anything until I was served the papers to come to court.
I needed to be there at 11:30 yesterday. I got to the court house, went through the metal detector, had my purse x-rayed and was told to have a seat and wait to be called in. In a short time the LSS's daughter comes in, she is testifying too as she was the one working that night. So we sit and wait, and wait, and wait..... I tell Ashley that I think they have forgotten about us. LOL By this time the whole hallway had cleared out, people working there where going to lunch, and others were leaving in their coats. Sure enough they had forgotten about us!!LOL Someone working there sees that we are the only ones left and asks if we are there for a case, I told her which one as she tells us that the Prosecutor had already left. Then she says that the thief had plead guilty in BOTH cases, and she would have to make restitution. YES!!! So, my day in court really wasn't and I am perfectly fine with that. LOL
I am just glad that she was caught and I was able to help out the LSS. I know it is hard for small businesses right now, and they sure don't need anyone stealing from them.
Sorry for being so talkative today, hopefully next time I will have something fun to share.
Until later~


Barb said...

I can't believe they forgot about you! Wow. But at least you didn't have to testify, right? $500 in cartridges... I'm assuming she was going to sell them on ebay?! Crazy.

Lawanda said...

I am glad she plead guilty and it was resolved but HONESTLY! They forgot about you?!?! How ridiculous!!

Sammi said...

Oh dear - That is really silly of them to forget you! It's good you were able to help out your LSS and that you did not have to testify in the end but justice was still served!

JavaMel said...

LOL I cannot believe they forgot about you. Glad she plead guilty though. People just don't realize that this is not only a reason for businesses to go under but it is also a big reason for prices of things to jump so high. Those losses eventually add up and have to be made up somewhere along the line.

RYC: I actually think this decision about school is a weight off my shoulders. I was really sweatin' it trying to figure out how to manage my time. And these 5 classes this semester are SERIOUSLY cutting into my stamping time. We can't have that now. LOL