Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wild for you

Snow, Snow, Ice, Snow. That has been our weather this week. I do not mind the Snow- but ice is a whole 'nother matter. We haven't even attempted to shovel the walk since Monday. The neighbor was trying to use his snow blower, but the ice was giving him fits, so he parked it in the garage. LOL Around 10 last night DH went out to help a neighbor push his truck out of is parking spot. When I peeked out there were a few other neighbors out pushing on the truck- they finally got it.

The new TAC Magalogue was delivered on Monday. I am so impressed!! I can not wait to place an order!!

Ok, enough about that- how about a card?

How about a Baby girl card? LOL, I don't even know anyone expecting a baby girl. I was just in the mood. LOL Oh, and I remembered to make TWO.

The zebra is from Wild for you. I can not wait to play some more with this stamp set- it is the newest addition to my collection. LOL The ribbon says, "It's a Girl". ( I would have made a blue card- but I need to buy some blue ribbon first. LOL How can I not have any good blue ribbon?)

Today's Blessings-

* Mom is doing GREAT!! Her next DR appointment is not until the end of February.

* A warm house.

* I don't have to drag my kiddos out to daycare on mornings like this.

*Having a friend join us for dinner tonight.

Until later~


Percy said...

Sweet card!

Barb said...

Loving the pink zebra! How cute is that?!

Seleise said...

super cute card! I just got this set and will have to CASE this idea!

Joana said...

looks so cute love the pink

Natalie said...

How cute is this?! Love the pink zebra! Happy Belated Anniversary, stay warm and drool some on the Magalogue for me. :)

Kelly said...

So cute Lisa...I tagged you, but I see you have already been tagged..must be quicker next time!!

Hugs, Kelly

P.S. I haven't been to the mail since MOnday, so I will go tomorrow and I hope my goodies are in...I'll let you know for sure though!!

Sammi said...

oh, That is sooo cute!! Good work making 2! I think I need to steal that idea from you (making 2 cards)