Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo tent

I asked DH for a Photo Tent for Christmas. With the kiddos being sick the week of Christmas we didn't get much done except caring for them and cleaning furniture and the carpet. LOL Well this weekend with the help of a handy 4 year old DH built the tent. I have not really had the time to play with it yet, but I must say I am lovin' it. I posted card samples here. The details really do "pop" when using the tent.

DH built mine so the inside dimensions are 14"x14", big enough for a 12"x12" scrapbook layout. For the bones he used some PVC pipe (the smaller stuff used for water lines.) I bought a white twin size flat sheet to cover the frame. You will see in the picture that I attached the back piece of fabric to the top/side pieces. The side pieces of fabric free hang- I like this because I can move the fabric aside to get my lights inside for shooting cards. When I photograph larger projects the sides will be moved into place, and the lights will shine through the fabric.

The sheet was cut to fit the frame- the piece for the back and bottom of the box is doubled (so you can not see through it) and then only attached at the very top to the frame. This way there is no seam showing in that piece. The top and sides are covered with a single layer of the sheet so the light will shine through.

I have a couple of "daylight" lights in the studio on my counter and on my work table, whenever I need to take a picture I move them close together. One is angled from the top, and the other from the side. With using two lights I don't need the flash from my camera- which can do some weird things to my projects, LOL! (The one on the right is from Wal-mart- about $20. The other DH picked up on Clearance for $13. I have one more that was also around $20. As soon I I go in the studio to work I turn them all on- I could not work without them. )

I do plan to do some hand sewing to make everything look better. I was just so excited to try it I only pinned it for now. LOL

You know the best part- Because DH had all of the PVC and connectors- this whole thing only cost $2.50 for the white sheet. LOL What a bargain.
If you have any questions just let me know- and NO I do not loan out my handy DH!! LOL

Until later~


Jessica Smith said...

Thanks for explaining how you made this. hope your going well.

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! What a wonderful hubby you have!! Nice work!! That should come in VERY useful!

tania said...

oh wow.
i think i need myself one of these contraptions. very cool.