Monday, January 26, 2009

Paper Pieced Bird

*** Sad to say, the new Magalogue did not make it's way to my mailbox on Saturday! Maybe today???**

After yesterday's post I am now convinced that I must be a Goofy Goober. LOL It seems no one else has any silly quirks. LOL

Today's card is paper pieced-

I used a pattern from the Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade class to make the body of this cute little birdie. The wing and tail were made with a FLOWER punch. The comb was made with a smaller flower punch. The swirly is from a Limited Edition set from Last year- the size was perfect for this card. The sentiment is a rub-on.

Since my goal is to create at least 2 cards from each design, here is #2-

(Not so crazy about the dew drops now. They seemed like a good idea! LOL)

Until later~


Seleise said...

I should make that a goal for me too! I really need to start making more than one card at a time! :) love the flourish for the bird whistle!

Barb said...

Lisa, I have far too many quirks to even list here :)

Love the birdie cards... very clever use of those punches!!

Lawanda said...

Very pretty :)