Sunday, January 25, 2009

Felt flowers

Do you remember I told you I was taking Tania's Embellishments:Beautifully Handmade on-line class? Well, last week we made fabric yo-yos and felt embellies. This is a card using 2 of my handmade felt flowers. I attached the centers with ribbon knots, and used scraps of ribbon for my stems. The Kraft paper gave my card a homespun feel, so to further embellish I added the tiny jute and distressed it with Burnt Umber ink. The "dear friend" stamp is from a Hostess stamp with The Angel Company.
I can honestly say I had never used felt before. There is something about it- it makes my teeth itch. I know, I am a Goofy Goober! LOL Well, know that I have made these cute flowers, I am planning on using felt more often. I will have to just get over the teeth thing!! LOL
Confession time- what silly quirks do you have?
Until later~


Natalie said...

You are cracking me up! Itchy teeth! LOL! I am a walking quirk so I can't think of anything in particular to add to your quirk list. Except maybe satin sheets and dry heels?! Eww! That's why I only like super soft cotton sheets and lots of lotion!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, you totally crack me up Lisa!!

Lawanda said...

Well, I cannot watch or listen to anyone brush their teeth. It gives me the willies! :) haha