Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Has anyone seen...

I know that it is here...... somewhere. Maybe it is under the pile of CARS cars in the middle of the living room floor. Nope! In the toaster beside the Homestyle waffles, turning a crisp golden brown? Nope!! Maybe it is the basket of freshly laundered and folded clothes waiting to be put away. Nope!! Where can it be?? I know it was here just a minute ago!!

Aww, I think I found it. In the basement. .........

Yep I found it. It was hiding in a stack of fabric that hadn't been touch in 4 years. (Today is the first day of Embellishments:Beautifully Handmade. Today we are making fabric YoYos.)

Welcome Home MOJO-I sure did miss you!!

Until later~


Seleise said...

glad you found your mojo! cute post!

Joana said...

look forward to see your new creations .

hope all is well with you

Debbie Hodge said...

Hi, Lisa, So glad you're taking Tania's class --- and thanks so much for including the blinkie on your blog. Debbie